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Dear Rush,
We wish you the very best in this trying time. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you every day you are gone. We will still tune in every day and will be waiting for you when you get back- no matter how long it takes. We have the utmost faith in you.
God Bless,
Mike and Michelle
Guess what Rush?
You will be bigger and better than ever now!
Listener, Rick
Springfield, IL
Dear Rush;
Having just lost my husband of 48 years, just a month ago, I know what true grief and desperation is. The cards and calls that I received, even from unknown and distant acquaintances have been a comfort beyond my wildest dreams. My husband would not turn your program off, even for company! We have your books and recorded TV programs from the old days. We started listening to you from Sacramento, when we lived in Oroville, CA., and have always loved you.
You are not alone, we are all praying for you and your complete recovery. You can do it. If I can survive my sorrow, I know with your great willpower and strength, you can too. My prayers are with you.
Central Point, OR
Still listening and will continue. Some people are like sports fans, when your team is winning you are there cheering, when they are losing, you are there booing. It would be more intelligent if we understood we?re needed more when things are NOT going right. I for one will be here, championing you Rush to the end.
Thank you, God Bless you, and God speed your recovery, so you can be the man you want to be.
I’m here for you, my friend. It was your first book that convinced me that I was really a conservative, so I had to leave the Democratic Party for the Republican party. I had the pleasure of telling you that when I met you several years ago at Warner Bro’s. You were the guest star on the sitcom “The Drew Carey Show”. (We had the alert and had to move everyone out due to the natural gas leak outside the sound stage.) I got to shake your hand and thank you for the book, and when I said “thank you for your good wishes for all of us for Thanksgiving”, you said “No, thank you.” I’ll always remember that.
Get better soon, my friend. We miss you.

We are missing you sooo much!!! I think we are addicted to you but there isn’t a cure except to hear your voice again. Hope you are doing well. We pray for you daily. We know you can overcome this and hope you can find a solution to your back pain as well.
The Shockley family
Just keep remembering these words…”this, too, shall pass.” Those are just 4 small words, but they say a great deal and they’ll help you get through this. I’ve used them a lot in my life and I’ve found that they always help me put things in perspective. They help boil down a big problem into something that’s manageable… something that can be overcome. God Bless you, Rush. Thanks for all you have done in the past and I look forward to all the great work you will do in the future.
Colorado Springs CO
Dear Rush,
Thanks for coming clean with us last Friday. You know you’ll have your critics and that’s fine. I’m sure you’ll find that your audience will stick with you because we agree with your thinking on almost all issues and because you speak from the heart.
The essence of your life’s work, so to speak, has been to speak common sense as you know it, provide clarity on otherwise muddled issues, and last but not least, to catch people whom engage in what I refer to as intellectual (or sometimes overt) dishonesty. Hurry back?you make my afternoons at the desk go by quicker!
South Bend, IN
Dear Rush:
I currently subscribe to RUSH 24/7 and I gifted my roommate with a subscription to the Limbaugh Letter several years ago. Both are gifts that keep on giving, so I plan on gifting my parents with their own subscription to your letter. It makes a great gift idea!
My best to you and Marta. I await your majestic return.
Sincerest Regards & Mega Ditto’s!
Sherman Oaks, California
Hi Rush,
You are very strong Rush, and will get over this set back and be even greater when you return. We need you Rush so please take care and get back behind that Golden Mic of yours as soon as you?re ready to roll.
Love, Ted
When I was living in Montana, I got put in the hospital for a herniated disc. I have never felt so much pain in my life. I have had other accidents that were painful, (stepping on a sting ray and having three operations on my left foot, breaking my right ankle and having a plate and five pins put in and having two operations on that), but none of it matches the back. I was in the hospital for three days and when I left, I was using a walker and taking Oxycontin. I know what back pain is. God bless you.
Colorado Springs, Co
As longtime listeners we have grown accustomed to hearing you enlighten us and detect the truth in our political world. We will be waiting for you when you return. Our 9-year-old daughter Michaela has added you to her list of people that she prays for at bedtime; you are right in there with the Pope.
Get well,
Dave, Eileen, and Michaela
New Milford, NJ
Dear Rush,
I am a recovered alcoholic and recovered liberal. Unknowingly, you have played a great part in my recovery from both addictions. My life has not been the same since. The process is simple. “Trust God, Clean house, Help others.?
Your best days are ahead of you.
Cumberland, RI
Hi Rush,
Checking in to reinforce our support, our prayers are with you and we have no doubt that you will beat this. I hear it over and over, you have always been there for millions, it is now our turn to be there for you. Rest assured, WE ARE!!! One day at a time, and again, thank you for all you have done for this country. God Bless You and your family.
Kurt and Donna
You are in my nightly prayers Rush, even my little girl Molly is praying for you, and we cannot wait to have you back. At 11-years-old she knows all about you and challenges her teachers in her 6th grade classes with the knowledge she has learned from me, her mom, from listening to you for over 11 years. She cannot wait to be able to vote and become a fellow Republican.
Take care Sir,
I’ve often heard you speak the phrase, “It’s an honor…” followed by whatever a listener has said of you or an accolade you’ve received. I want you to know that “It’s an honor” to be praying for you at this moment in your life, and to wish you all that is healing and renewing. We’re all out here, always will be. I look forward to years of hearing the truth, spoken with your rare, honest compassion and priceless wit. Dittos, RL!
A listening friend,
I have been a loyal listener since you came onto Albuquerque’s 770 KKOB. I appreciate your courage to face your painkiller addiction and get clean. I’m sure you’ll feel better. Thanks again for standing up for America and all of us who want a strong, free country.
I listened to you every day since you went on the air. I also listen to your substitute hosts to support.
Your loyal audience is still loyal. Free yourself from the painkillers – and come back to us ASAP. I almost got hooked on Vicadin painkillers after a wreck last year. I got free by the grace of God.
Chin up. Cheer up. God Speed!!
Dear Rush,
I’m 32 years old and have been listening to you for about 12 years (ever since you came on the air in Philly). You have been a very positive influence in my life, especially in the early years when I was taking my life in the wrong direction. You taught me to look for at the good of a situation and not to be so bitter and angry. I can never thank you enough.
Rush you have done so much for so many, now do for yourself. Our prayers are with you.
I’ve been a listener since the late 80’s when I was still in high school. Some of the seeds you planted when I still had a “young skull full of mush” helped me go ahead and follow my dreams right out of college rather than putting them off for 30 years. So even in a nonpolitical realm you have helped make my life happier and more productive than I ever imagined it could be. I’m sure this is the case for millions of listeners – and you’ll inspire millions more in the decades to come! I guess what I’m trying to say is that your work is very important on several levels, and you’re the best thing that’s happened to this country in the last 15 years…
Mega Dittos,
Dear Rush,
I have been a loyal listener since about 1989. When I started listening, I was brain-washed by liberal college professors. I wanted to help people at any cost. I voted for Mondale, Dukakis and Clinton (once). Even so, I still enjoyed listening to you to keep track of the “enemy”.
Over the years, I’ve become self-employed, married and had children. A lot changes when you feel the impact of writing a check for quarterly income tax payments, when you make a pledge to your wife before God, and when you tuck your babies in bed every night. Since then I have voted for Dole and W and come to listen to you as an ally. Dittos.

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