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I’ve been a regular listener for 15 years or more – since the beginning – and have more than admiration for you (I’m a member of Rush 24/7; I’ve called in, etc.) I live in the heart of the liberal beast, Newton, Massachusetts. Please know, and I’m not saying this to be patronizing, I think you’ve done more good for this nation than any living American I can think of, with the exception of Ronald Reagan.
If there’s absolutely anything I can do for you, please let me know. If there can be such a thing similar to love, or whatever, for a radio commentator, then that’s the way I feel about you and what you have accomplished, and I’m confident you will come through. You are the epitome of a professional and a survivor.
Take care and get well.
Newton Highlands, MA
Dearest Rush,
My name is Brad, I live in Paris KY. I just wanted to let you know that you inspire me greatly. Due to the circumstances of life, I?m starting all over again. I am self employed and you and your program keeps me going. Thanks for being there, Rush.
Paris KY
Dear Rush,
My prayers have always been with you, but they are being said with a renewed vigor and urgency in your time of most urgent need. I know that there are millions of other loyal Rush listeners praying for you, also. I cannot express to you what you have meant to me over the course of the last 11 years. I first began listening to you regularly when I became a stay-at-home mom after the birth of my first child. You were (and are) the companion of my days and my teacher and mentor. I have always been a conservative, but you strengthened my convictions and taught me courage to stand up for them.
So we are out here, praying for you, Marta, David, and all your family. We are keeping the flame alive by tuning in every day to “The Rush Limbaugh Show” while your able substitutes fill the airtime. And we are looking forward to having you back with us, whole, healthy, and unbowed by the criticisms of the Left. You have MANY more supporters who are rooting for you.
Love in Christ,
Spring, TX
Dear Rush,
Pres. Theodore Roosevelt gave a speech during his presidency about the man in the fray. How he valued the man who was bloodied and bowed, because he took the heat and the blows. He was the one who mattered not the one in charge sitting in judgment and not involved in the toil. You are valued, please look up that speech, I can’t remember all the parts but I think it will give you strength.
I Love you Rush, Life and Radio are not the same without you, come back strong and healthy.
May God bless and keep you.

All things work together for the good for those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) (AND MAN, DID HE CALL YOU TO A PURPOSE!!!) Not only is the Lord doing something special with you but all your listeners as well that are praying for you. 20 million people being drawn closer to God because of you!
We want you to know that we are praying and hoping that you will be made whole again and pray that your back will be healed as well. We are so looking forward to your return. We have learned so much from you over the many years we have listened. We know that you are going to be better than ever!
Rick and Joyce
P.S. – E-mailed the radio station WSBA that we listen to over the Internet and thanked them for continuing to air your show and support you.

God speed in your recovery. I cannot imagine the world without your radio program, as it has been so desperately needed over the past several years. I believe all things happen for a purpose and I trust that in the end, you will find the good out of all of this. We need you and your country needs you, so please come back when you are well and ready.
You changed my life, as I’m sure you have for many others. My parents were both true-believer, left-wing Democrats. They indoctrinated me and had me spouting their bleeding-heart, feel-good pap until I was old enough to think for myself. At that point, I happened on your radio program by chance one day, and I’ve been listening, watching, reading, and most importantly – THINKING ever since. Until you return, we’ll enjoy hearing from your stand-ins, but nobody can replace “El Rushbo.”
In the mean time, ignore those who wish you ill. They are painfully jealous of your success and the loyalty of your fan base. The proof is in their vitriol. These people, who profess to love everyone, hate and attack you vehemently because you expose them for the lying hypocrites they are. Where is their vaunted compassion now?
With warmest regards and best wishes,
Elkins Park, PA
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Marta. We love you. We are waiting for your return, but don’t rush it, we’ll wait.
Faithful listeners
Hi Rush,
This will be one of many e-mails I’m sure, but we’re behind you Rush in your recovery.
As I recovering person myself, I can tell you that it’s not easy, but it can be done. You’ve taken the first step, as well as the hardest. To admit that there is a problem, and to do something about it. As I said, it can be done Rush, just take it one day at a time.
Get well and come back to us soon.
You?ve made me stronger, more resolved. Now I’d like to give just a fraction of that strength and resolve back to you in your trying times. Whenever you’re back, I’ll be listening.
Many lives have breathed easier because you have lived.
You have already been a SUCCESS. All the more reason to stand behind you gently nudging you to take one small step at a time until you are eventually standing on solid ground again. We will be behind you as long as it takes to fix the technical difficulty that has temporarily shorted out our “Voice of America”. You have cared enough about us to stand up for us.
Now we have a chance to care about you and pray for your recovery.
Hang in There.
I am a long-time listener to your show. I want you to know that I am pulling for you out here! I understand your problems and I wish you the best. Hurry back to the show! I support your fight to kick prescription drugs. Hunker down and fight!!!!
Bob in Thomson, GA
Hey Buddy,
I’m so sorry you’re feeling like I know you are right now…after a 5 year addiction to OC’s (and 9 months on methadone), I’m still struggling to stay on my feet.
It’s been 18 months for me since I finally quit, and if I could tell you anything, it would be to reassure you that there IS happiness and light at the other end of the tunnel. It just takes time for your brain to re-adjust chemically. Have faith in that, because when you hit bottom and are dealing with withdrawal, faith is all you’ve got. But that faith will slowly become verified as time goes on… probably will happen much faster for you, as I know you’re a stronger person than I.
You’ll probably laugh at that… 🙂 It?s hard to feel good about yourself when you know you?re only in the situation you are because of your own weakness. But you’ve got the confidence fed by past success to fall back on once perspective starts to return, something not all of us have. Your strength comes not only from your past achievements, but the love given unconditionally from so many people.
You are right, we are like family even though we’ve never met or spoken. There’s been many times I’ve heard something in the news and thought “I wonder what Rush is thinking”…and I’ve felt you smiling, knowing you were “connected” to all of us out here. It?s not like I think I’m psychic or something, but there are certainly times when we can “touch” those we care about regardless of distance.
When I finally quit last year, I decided I had to just get away from everything. I had $1,200, no credit left, and no direction. I headed south to take a shot at living in the Keys… it was at least warm and sunny, and I hoped it would help continue to pull me out of depression. I paint and do carpentry for a living, so I figured I could do enough to subsist.
I didn’t know a soul in Florida and that was tough. But I did know you, and I want to thank you for being there. Within your daily broadcasts I found many things that spoke to me and encouraged me to push forward. You were my guiding light so to speak, and I can only hope that you too can find someone who breaks through the mental malaise following addiction and helps lift your spirits as you did mine. Know that I offer what strength and wisdom that I have gained as a result of my experiences to you daily in prayer. It is all I can do and I pray that it helps.
I look forward to the day you are ready to return, but please do not rush yourself as a result of perceived pressure from the expectations of others. Shame and guilt can make it difficult for one to focus on what really matters…you. Do this right and you’ll emerge stronger than you now think possible. Take your time, my friend, and remember, all it takes is time.
Best Wishes,

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