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There is a big void in our lives without your daily encouragement and information in this battle against the liberal left. We pray for your complete recovery and quick return to lead us to victory! God Bless you and Marta.
Nellie from Illinois
I am a Very Conservative Senior Citizen. I walk 4 miles every morning “with Rush”. I will continue to listen to his show and his excellent sub-hosts while he is away. There is nothing that begins to compare with the intelligent information Rush and his hand-picked sub-hosts give us. I have three radios in my home tuned to Rush when I’m home, so that I won’t miss a word going from room-to-room.
Thank you,
I just wanted to let you know that we are pulling for you 100%! Our prayers are with you. We are looking forward to your return to the golden EIB microphone.
Plano, TX
On behalf of all of your fans at my Rabbinical seminary, let me express our best wishes to you. We all love listening to you. We are very grateful for what you’ve done for our country over the course of your career. We hope that you recover quickly. America needs you to keep on going. Please hang in there, we all believe in you.
You’re in our Prayers.
New York
I enjoyed your TV show, and have listened to your radio show from the beginning.
Thank you for informing and entertaining us all these years. I believe God has a great plan for you. We wait to see what it is. Please take all the time you need to heal.
We love you in Baton Rouge, LA.
I do not understand the hell you are going through. I don’t believe anybody who has not gone through it can. You have been a special part of my everyday life. I will miss you until you get back and your recovery will be in my prayers.
You have been there for us for 15 years. I have seen your generosity first hand as have my step-daughter, who is in Japan with her navy husband, a one year subscription to Rush 24/7 after she wrote me telling me she was “out of the closet” as a Rush fan and I forwarded the email to you. Take all the time you need to beat this thing. I will wait as long as it takes.
Richmond, VA
Hang in there Rush,
Just like you hold your daily stack of stuff in your “formerly Nicotine stained fingers”, I look forward to hearing you speak the truth from your “formerly pill popping tongue”. Best of wishes.
Mark in Florida
My father is the best and most honest and moral man I know. He has never even drank alcohol, smoked, or ever done illegal drugs in his whole life – ever. He has always been a faithful husband and father. He has fathered 7 children who are all married and successful and conservative!
By profession he is a dentist and as with many dentists, he began experiencing severe lower back pain. Innocently, he began taking pain medication to relieve the pain. This led to a very severe addiction to pain medication. After several years, he finally faced his addiction and “checked himself in.” He took a leave from his dental practice to get himself clean. It was a very hard trial for our whole family. Nevertheless, my mother, his real friends, and us kids supported him, prayed for him, and hung in there with him. Finally, he overcame his addiction and now he is doing better than ever. Our whole family became stronger and better as we all went through this process of overcoming with him. Now, we are all closer than ever. We did not let it defeat him or us. I know it will be the same with you! We are rooting for you, supporting you, and will be right here when you return!
Yours to count on,
Louisville, KY
Words just can’t express my family?s heart-felt prayers for you and your wife. “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.” You’ve humbled yourself and we pray for your return and for a larger audience when you do.
Deb – ‘twinsmom’
Modesto, CA
I too had a lower back operation twelve years ago. I know about pain pill addiction. I made it, you can too!!! God Bless you, hear and see you soon.
South Lyon, MI
I started listening to you back in the 80’s as a DJ with WCLT in Newark, OH. Our AM side carried you. I feel as though you’ve been a brother through the years and wish you & Marta the best as you deal with the issues ahead.
I also have had back surgery and still struggle with pain… but God will help, look to Him for strength and you can over-come. Come back, but win this battle and remember we all stand beside you and you are always in our prayers and thoughts. A strong supporter of all you stand for and all you do for our Country. Waiting for your return, and tell your wife we love her too!
Dear Rush,
I started listening to you in July 2000, at lunch, in my truck. You were taking calls on a Friday, and who should call you on his cell, but then-governor Bush and Dick Cheney. I remember with great clarity that during the conversation, the light just came on in my brain, and I thought, “These guys have got it. They have a handle on this country, and they’ll get my vote.” Been listening ever since. Take care of yourself, kill this bear, and see you when you get back. Thanks.
Smithville, Texas.
Dear Rush,
I look forward to your return and no matter what, I will always be a big Rush supporter and fan. I am still here and still listening. I know you are in there fighting to come out on top of your addiction. Don?t give up, Rush. I am not giving up on you.
Greensboro, GA
I am sure you know the old saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I hope I speak for all your fans in saying I expect you to come back STRONGER than ever.
Wish the best for you,

I have been a loyal listener for 15 years now. You gave Conservative Americans a voice, thank you for that. It took great courage and humility for you to admit your addiction publicly. There will always be those who rejoice when someone falls, but know that there are more of us hoping and praying for your recovery. May God be with you and your family as you go through your rehabilitation. With God’s help, you can overcome this!
A loyal listener,
New Jersey
I tend to look on Rush as a good friend. Someone you can drive in the car with and have a good conversation. Someone to make you think or laugh or get angry at the libs. Friends don’t abandon friends when they are in trouble or hurting. Of course I will continue to listen on KWKC 1340, Abilene, Texas Rush may have withdrawal pains from pills, but we will have Rush withdrawals for a month!
Sincerely his,
I will continue to be a Rush fan. The media and Rush critics love to say “drugs” when we all know there is a great difference between recreational drugs and the drugs for pain. There should not be the same sigma on painkillers as on people who do drugs for their own enjoyment.
I can’t tell you how much I admire you and hope you get well and come back to the Atilla the Hun chair soon. My prayers are with you.
Flippin, AR
We travel in our 4-state area in the Ozarks and listen on several different stations. Missouri: KQYX, KWTO, KWMQ, FM. Arkansas: KFAY. Oklahoma: KRMG. Thank you for sharing knowledge with us all. My friends and family are all praying for you.
God Speed,
Ben and Anita
Many, many people can take a note, “The truth pays” and a real man stands up and tells it. You are the picture of a man with the guts to tell it as it is. Maybe you will ‘rub off’ on some of these politicians that speak in circles. I cannot say enough how refreshing it is to see a public figure, say this is the way it is and this is what I am doing to resolve it. Go Rush!!! My prayers are with you during your time of trouble.
Dear Rush:
Just as you have “held down the fort” for all of us, through thick and thin, we shall do the same for you. Never fear, we will be here waiting for you to return and will be praying for your successful treatment.
Megga Heartfelt Dittos Rush!!
My wife Pat and I are longtime 24/7 members of your cadre, and yes, we are lonely. We continue to listen to your EIB substitutes and they are very good. We wish you all the strength and resolve you can muster to gain the upper hand in your fight against this unwanted addiction.
Pat joins me in hoping that our warm thoughts and steadfast loyalty are of some help to you and Marta in your ordeal. If your resolve is anywhere near your intelligence, wit and charm you should be able to persevere and win this battle. We know it won’t be easy and will be an ongoing struggle. But, we will not abandon you along with your other megga millions of friends. Hang in there!! Kindest regards and 24/7 warmest thoughts,
Ed and Pat
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hi Rush,
My nine-year-old son Kyle and I listen to you almost everyday and have since he was a toddler. I wanted to relate a great story to you that happened two weeks ago. Kyle and I were at a Wednesday evening service at our church and the pastor was making reference to the term “environmental wacko.” He was using it in kind of a joking way. Kyle leaned over to me and said “I know what that is Mom, It’s a liberal!” I almost bust a gut.
So you see what a great influence you have on the next generation. Kyle is a full-fledged conservative, Republican, ditto-head. We love you and he and I are praying for you every night during our bedtime prayers. You are a hero, and a great example to us all. From the heartland-Iowa
In Christ,
Lori and Kyle
Dear Rush,
When I first heard the rumblings of your problem I didn’t sleep well for two nights. I told my husband I must be nuts, I don’t even know you personally. Yet, I do know you. I’ve listened to you for more then 10 years. You express what I feel. You are like family. [Actually you are closer then some family.] Rest assured you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a good and moral man who has a problem. You didn’t lie, you didn’t play the blame game, you took responsibility. In other words you were Rush! You will make it! My husband and I love you and wish you and Marta the best during these difficult times. God bless and may He keep you both in the Palm of His Hand.
Not only will I still be here when you return but I bought my mother a subscription to the web site so she could listen as well. She loves your show and was so excited when we signed her up. Our prayers are with you and our support for you is stronger than ever. This is nothing more than a reminder that despite your stellar performance on a daily basis you’re one of us. You get yourself well and ready for a new assault on the boundaries of ignorance. We’ll be here when you’re ready. God Bless you Rush and Get Well Soon!
Rochester, NY
You have never lowered the “moral bar” in order to make yourself or anyone look better and I admire you for that. We all have issues to deal with in our lives but that doesn’t mean we ever strive to be less than what we should. As you strive to make yourself healthier over the next month, know that you and your wife are in our daily prayers. God bless and God speed. We look forward to your return.
Akron, Ohio
May the grace of God be with you each day as you struggle to heal your body and spirit. I’ll be praying for you and waiting for the day you will again be at the EIB mike but until then, I’ll be listening to those that pick up the duty and thank them all ahead of time.
Best wishes to all
Rush –
No one is perfect. Sadly but truthfully, you, me, the media that is piling on, the snickering liberals are not without their faults also. You, Rush, are darn close to perfect though! We will miss you and pray for you. Thank you Rush.
Christine (a former California liberal)
I want to wish you a speedy recovery & to let you know that I am behind you
100%. Thank you for all that you have done to educate your listeners for the past
15 years!! Many more years of EIB excellence are still ahead! God bless you!
Upper Darby, PA
Inspiration is such a small word, but it is a great summation for a man who has done just that, and will continue to do so! I will always support you Rush, get well!
The fact that you’ve succumbed to a life problem that comes with the human condition takes nothing away from the tremendous impact you’ve had and will continue to have on our lives! You will overcome this challenge with God’s grace and the love and support of your family, close friends and millions of supporters who treasure your advice and wisdom. We don’t expect you or any other human being to be perfect (or even right all the time) we just appreciate you for trying your best all the time, your insistence on excellence as a standard and your ability to challenge us to enjoy this life experience as it rolls along!
God bless you and strengthen you!!
If you only knew what you have meant to my life. I have been through more roller coasters in the last few years than most will ever experience. I want you to know that my relationship with God and your positive assurance of hard work, self-reliance and never-give-up attitude have seen me through. I know that you are going through a difficult time now. Never give up your core beliefs. You were there for me and I am here for you now. I love you and I am praying for you.
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
I am still listening to your show. Don’t worry about us, we will still be here when you get back. You take care of yourself and get better. Just so you know a lot of us have leaned on you when the going got tough (I got through a 2 year layoff with your words of wisdom) so now it is our turn to let you lean on us and we will not fail you.
Take care
Dear Rush,
You will never know how much you have inspired me, and to articulate the feelings I have, but can’t get across as you can. It is really nice to know that there are others in this country that feel the way I do. I can emphasize with your situation, chronic pain would drive me to take the same road you went down. May God be with you and bring you out the other side of this situation a better man. It did in your other life experiences, I am sure it will in this one.
An Old Guy
Woolwine, VA

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