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Mega-Dittos Rush,
I haven’t been this excited and anxious since the day I got married! Great work…. and good job, Rush….I’ll be waiting on Monday at 12:00 noon to hear your voice again! I hope all is well…love to Marta!
Kindest regards, Jan (from Brooklyn)
Dear Rush,
I have been praying for you, Marta, David and the rest of your family. We are eagerly awaiting your return to the EIB network. The people filling-in have been great, but there is only one RUSH. The segments of “what would Rush say” on topics have been informative, but have also kept us in touch with you and your thoughts. My husband Tom and I listen to you every day and you have taught us so much. We will keep you in our prayers.
Best regards,
Chaska, MN
So glad to hear that you will be back on Monday. I sincerely hope that you have felt the respect and care and devotion that are felt for you throughout our great land. These are troubling times. You dealt with your troubles as best you could and although the process was ugly within the media, I hope that the results for you personally are terrific. Your challenges are not a story. Someday the media will stop invading other peoples lives. It is interesting that the establishment media thought their actions and revelations would end your career. Let’s have the last laugh when you are feeling better Rush. Loyalty is rare and the loyalty that you have created over your lifetime is vast.
Eugene, Oregon
It’s so great to hear you are on your way back to the Golden EIB Microphone. Whereas the Substitute Professors at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies have done a fine job in your absence, you have been sincerely missed. My best wishes to you and I hope you are feeling stronger everyday.
Speaking of “feeling stronger everyday”, just a quick suggestion. I know your standard theme song is the tune by the Pretenders. I was just thinking about the Chicago song “Feeling Stronger Everyday” and how great it would be to perhaps come back on the air with that one for your first day back. If you listen to the words, I think it fits.
Anyway, thank you for all you have done, thank you for making me think about the issues and thank your continued non-stop pursuit of the truth. May you be and continue to be happy healthy and well.
Best regards,
Springboro, Ohio
Congratulations on completing the first phase of your recovery! You and your voice have been missed, and I can’t wait to hear you on the air this Monday – back and better than ever.
Best regards,
Mary Ann
I’ve been eagerly waiting your return.
Most of all I’m glad to hear you?re regaining your health.
Clayton, OH

Howdy Rush,
Congratulations! I know it couldn’t have been easy.
I’m counting the hours ’til your return to the EIB network.
Murphysboro, IL
Oh man oh man oh man, Maha Rushie is coming back! I was off of work yesterday and was thrown out of my seat at my computer to hear your brother David tell Matt Drudge that you were coming back Monday November 17th. WHAT A GREAT DAY THAT WILL BE! I am a Tokien geek and have been awaiting the movie release of “The Return of the King”, but even better now is the “Return of Rush Limbaugh”! We have missed you soooooo much. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the recent elections. I am from Baton Rouge Louisiana and we have had the most interesting Governors race here. I may even call in sick to work that day with the Rush Flu or with Limbaugh lesions. I know this will be a very emotional day and my prayers are still being voiced to give you strength and focus to move forward.
God Bless you Rush, Marta and your family.
Baton Rouge, La
I’ve enjoyed the subs while you were gone, and I learned from them. But, I look forward to your return Nov 17. My prayers have been with you, and they will continue to be.
Sun Prairie, WI
I am so thrilled to hear that you are returning so soon to the Golden EIB Mike. Your substitute hosts have done a wonderful job, and I’ve enjoyed listening to them, but well, it just isn’t the same! I know you’ve been through a lot, and that there is still a whole mound of stuff to wade through, but I could tell, by the way your brother was talking that you are just rippin’ rarin’ to go! I know you will overcome all this and things will settle down. Been there, done that!
And WHAT a better time… oooh boy, with that memo seething, and the Great Witch upstaging the plowboys out in Iowa, and the judicial nominees stalled, and Arnold taking office, and the Duh-O-Crats clamoring for a PLAN in Iraq? I think your biggest problem will be wading thru the stack of stuff!!!
HOoo Hooo Hooo, you go Ol’ Boy, YOU GO!!!
We’ll be listening!
Monday can’t get here soon enough!!!
Is it Monday yet?
Oceanside CA

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,
I am so happy that you are returning to the airwaves. Your hosts were good but they are not you!
My prayers have been with you and your family while you were away. I understand the process of rehabilitation. You will succeed! Welcome back Mr. Limbaugh from a new dittohead!!
Looking forward to your return on Monday, Rush, we missed you terribly. Another challenge for you, but you can do it! Our best also to Marta, and to your brother David, besides your faithful fans you have great support from your family. The substitute hosts were great, but you are still the best, and we will listen to you again starting on Monday.
God bless,
Renate & Richard
Kirkland, WA (Radio station 770KTTH, Seattle)
I’ve listened to you since 1992 but I’ve never called or written until now. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers all these years and I’m so proud of you and happy to know that you’ll be back next week. I’ve missed you soooooo much, even though I have enjoyed everyone who has been sitting in for you. I hope and pray that all goes well for you in the future and I’ll be listening. Also, thanks for the golf ball you and Roger C signed for me earlier this year. I’ll treasure it always.
The Guest Associate Professors have been great, but they are not the Doctor of Democracy! I believe that when you return I will find that my prayers have been answered. I expect you will be better than ever!
I know for myself Rush, and I suspect that I am not the only one, that while I look forward to your insightful analysis and discussion of real world issues, I want to hear how you are doing. What has this experience meant to you, and what have you learned. I believe that we can learn and benefit from your lessons, so I look forward to hearing all about it.
Though you have been away, your prophetic utterances have abounded these 5 weeks, and we got a chance to see how prescient you really are. Again, Welcome Back Rush! I know I am not the only one in your audience that has a deep, if not brotherly, love for you; and I so look forward to Monday’s “Excursion into Broadcast Excellence!
God Bless you Rush,
Darren from the left coast.
Best Wishes and Love to you Rush…. Good to have you back on air next Monday!
Prayers and support your way from New Orleans La. Keep up your faith and good works!
Peace and Love to you and your family- God bless!
Best regards,
I am almost counting the minutes until Monday at noon! The fight against Liberalism has continued, but I want our star warrior back!!! Come back swinging!!! The liberals need the fear of Rush put back in them!
Gray, GA

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