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All that talk of Saddam being “secular” and Osama being “religious” is absurd. Osama isn’t “religious,” he just uses religion – and Saddam was naming mosques after himself and putting the name of Allah on the Iraqi flag to look religious too. Besides, Osama (or whoever’s making those tapes) urged Al-Qaeda to fight alongside the “socialist infidel” Hussein on the eve of Gulf War Two! This sixteen page memo “covers only a fraction of the evidence that will eventually be available to document the Iraq-Al-Qaeda relationship.” We already knew about the Salman Pak terrorist training facility in Iraq, folks.
Yes, the Department of Defense did release a statement calling these news stories “inaccurate,” but they don’t deny the connection at all. In a Washington Times editorial, they report the meeting of bin Laden and the top Iraqi intelligence technical expert on making sophisticated explosives. The memo also states that two Iraqi intel officers “were part of a delegation which met with bin Laden in Afghanistan from 1999 to 2003.” We’re in a rather precarious moment in this war, folks, in this effort to rebuild Iraq and end the idea that Muslim nations are somehow happy living without human freedom. We’re near the “Mogadishu moment,” and the worst thing we can do is cut and run.
I don’t understand that attitude, especially since the same Democrats who demand we pull out of Iraq will scream the loudest if we do so tomorrow. After all, they screamed that Bush 41 didn’t “finish the job” in 1991 and now they scream that Bush 43 finished the job in 2003! We’re going to work really fast now to turn over governance of Iraq to the Iraqis, because this is part of the war on terrorism, which began against us on 9/11. “Well, yeah, easy for you to say! You’re not there in the line of fire.”
Were those people in the Twin Towers and Pentagon or on those four hijacked jets “in the line of fire”? This is a different kind of war, folks. That doesn’t mean we don’t revere and thank those who volunteer to go fight our enemies in the streets of foreign lands to keep them off our streets at home – but the key is, we must fight them and not think we can run and hide. There is no where safe in this war; we have no choice but to fight.

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