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Inviting Teddy to watch movies at the White House, letting him write the education bill and having George H. W. Bush give him an award hasn’t changed him one drop. Kennedy: “I believe the whole policy was based on the quicksand of false assumptions. There was a selective use of intelligence.” This tells us more about Kennedy than Bush. He doesn’t know where this war was conceived. He’s making this all up, and in doing so telling us that he is capable of such deception.
Democrats can’t meet us in the arena of ideas, so they call names and make wild charges hoping something will stick. When these people talk about us, when they accuse us of bad behavior – guess what? They’re telling us who they are. It’s a beautiful thing, my friends. It’s a new way of listening to liberals. When they start telling us what rotten SOBs we are, just remember: they’re telling us who they are. They don’t know who we are; they only think they do. These people are never happy. They’re not even happy about the prospect of Howard Dean winning the presidency, because that would cut the Clintons and Terry McAuliffe out of the loop.
They’ve screamed for a Medicare prescription drug bill for decades, for example. One has finally been hammered out by the House and Senate, and President Bush wants to sign it. Is Senator Kennedy happy? No! In fact, he’s fighting to stop the bill! The truth is that the Democrats don’t want you senior citizens to have your prescription drugs before November of 2004 because President Bush will get some of the credit for them. So they are going to stonewall whatever bill comes up to preserve it as an issue to lie and demagogue about. I guess they don’t think seniors getting life saving medication is as important as winning the next election, hmm?

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