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Well, that’s bunk. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) said, “If you have to be pure, you can’t accomplish anything on the left or the right and you can’t govern.” DeLay is making the best of a tough situation. He shouldn’t have to, because the nation isn’t clamoring for this bill, which will force all of you to pay for Bill Gates’ pharmacy bill when he turns 65. Some people genuinely want it, but those people are wrong. There is a lot of politics going on here.
Bush and Karl Rove have made their goal of destroying the Democrat Party clear from Inauguration Day. They’re accomplishing this by sealing Democrat vote blocs with a big-government agenda. The AARP has been targeted with this $400 billion bill, even though 76% of seniors already have coverage and there’s very little demand for a new huge entitlement that dooms our children to more days of tax serfdom. Keep in mind that the AARP is no longer solely an advocate of retirees. They start stalking new members at 45, which is why they’ve taken that word out of their name. They back this bill because they back big government, and it helps them sell their AARP Travel Agents, AARP Castor Oil, etc.
These entitlements will eat up money for our security and other priorities, while the deficit rises skyward. Democrats oppose the bill now because, #1, they don’t think government ever takes enough of your money to fund their vote-buying schemes, and #2, if anyone is going to get credit for growing government he better not have an (R) after his name. Ted Kennedy will eventually decide to “fix” this bill rather than fight it, and by “fix” he’ll mean expanding it and killing off the small test programs for medical savings accounts. It’s fun to watch the spectacle of the Democrats attacking the AARP, but, sadly, the bottom line is that the GOP is all for growing the federal government. Limited government is dead – for now, anyway.

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