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It’s very simple to understand, folks. Let me give you a hard, cold lesson in Washington politics. A legislative liaison from the White House will go visit a Tom DeLay or a Trent Lott, and that White House legislative liaison will say, “The president wants this bill, Trent. The president really wants this bill, Tom.” And that’s it. It’s over. You don’t buck your president. The president really wants the bill, then that’s what happens. That’s why I’m always sitting here talking about the bully pulpit. Presidents will end up, more often than not, getting what they want. So it’s always been my hope that presidents would want the right things, defined as what I want. However, in this case that’s not the case.
In the audio link below, you can hear Puff Daschle and Teddy Kennedy, the Godfather, the sperm donor of HMOs, whine and moan about how this bill only helps the drug companies, insurance companies and HMOs. Now, on one hand, it’s great to see the Republicans wipe out the Democrats like this on all their own issues. There’s a part of me that loves the disembowelment and the disempowerment of the liberal Democrats. This is why Ted and Daschle are in a panic. The AARP has gone to the Republicans. Next, if Big Labor goes Republican, just ten or 20 percent, then you’re going to see Democrats jumping out of buildings on Wall Street. It’s going to be over. Some people say, “Oh, it will be great, no Democratic Party?” Wait a minute. I love the two-party system because they keep each other honest. The two-party system is becoming a one party system, Republicrats.

You can hear me take calls from a seasoned citizen, Joan, who is very disappointed in President Bush ? and John, who said he was not planning on returning to the show when I did, but is glad he did, because of days like today, when it is proven that your host is not a “shill” for the Republican Party, but, in fact, an independent, critical thinker. This is by no means the first example of my parting ways with the party, but if it’s your first time hearing it then, welcome to reality, and I appreciate you observing that, John. I’m very happy that you picked up on that. I am flattered that you made the decision to return and I hope you stay.
Poor Mr. Snerdley, the Program Observer. He’s been trying to sell me on this boondoggle of a bill. He’s worried that White House officials are going to leak stories about me to the National Enquirer. That’s too bad. You have to deal with what is, Mr. Snerdley, and let the chips fall where they may.

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