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Part of the problem may be Kerry’s diet. We’ve posted a series of photos of the French-looking Kerry holding a corndog and a cheese steak and other fattening foods as if he’s saying, “What the f— is this?” You have to wonder what the butler is serving him there at the townhouse in Boston, or at the Nantucket estate of his wife where they were married. Shipman asked if Heinz saw herself as an asset, now that the richest man in the Senate had blown his front-runner status and been forced to mortgage her mansion for $6.5M.

Heinz says she only gives the advice any spouse would, “But from that to actually influencing policy is different. I would never assume that. If they paid me, I might.” Yipe! Are the feminists going to love that bit! The woman has over $600 million and is complaining that her husband’s campaign is not paying her, so all he rates is “cheap wife talk.” Shipman rolled Heinz’s comments on the Bush tax cut, which she called “horrific,” her statement that “Al Gore should wait for the last vote,” and her suggestion that Howard Dean had pulled a “fast one” in opting out of public financing – as did her husband (Kerry) by the way.
When Kerry himself finally got a word in, he sheepishly claimed that he didn’t want his wife to be politically correct. Shipman probed him with some of his wife’s politically harmful statements: “She’s come out and called these Democratic debates ‘silly,’ for example. She thinks they’re a waste of time. She’s assessed your rivals, not always in flattering terms.”
“She has?” Kerry stammered. “Publicly?”
Shipman said, “Oh, yeah.”
To which Kerry sighed: “Wow.” Eventually he regained his composure, and issued a resigned, “I don’t care what my wife says, and I’m not going to worry about it.” Sure, you have lots of other things to worry about, senator – like how after four terms in the Senate you’re polling behind political novice Al Sharpton.

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