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“Bush administration officials exaggerated the threats from Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and failed to uncover any links between Hussein and al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, says a private, nonpartisan [group.]” Which is flat-out BS, folks. This is the well-known hyper-left-wing Carnegie Foundation. It’s one of these, just like the Ford Foundation, these people were originally endowed by great conservative families, and they’ve been taken over by the left. This notion that the left doesn’t have a think thank out there like they don’t have a talk radio network, it’s all a bunch of BS. What is NPR, what’s the mainstream press and television to begin with? So they’re not on radio and they’re not the going to succeed with the way they’re trying it anyway. But to think that they don’t have a presence. And here’s a classic example. This Carnegie Foundation is being portrayed as a nonpartisan research organization. That’s absolutely a lie. These people are some of the biggest extreme leftists you can find.

“The study by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace…” What the hell would it be but a bunch of lefties? It might as well say the Carnegie Endowment for International Surrender because that’s what these people would do to get peace. They’re pure leftists. “The study states that administration officials systematically misrepresented the threat from Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile program by treating possibilities as fact and misrepresenting inspectors’ findings in ways that turn threats from minor to dire. The three Carnegie Endowment researchers who produced the report charged that U.S. officials politicized intelligence to fit their arguments for a war to oust Hussein. ‘We believe that in 2002 the intelligence process began to be politicized,’ said Carnegie’s president Jessica Matthews. ‘They were under intense pressure to produce something that buttresses policymakers’ beliefs. This is an old story in government. This just happens to be an egregious case with extreme consequences, namely, going to war.'”

The other two researchers are Joseph Sirincioni, director of the Nonproliferation Project at the Carnegie Endowment and George Perkovitch, vice president for studies at Carnegie, who authored a book on India’s nuclear bomb. Now, okay, let’s just take this at face value. Let’s not even argue with what they say just for the fun of it, folks, just for the fun of it. Because if we take this story at face value, we also would have to include in this story that Bill Clinton advanced the exact same, phony, artificial data and did it for political reasons. His were to hide what was going on with Monica Lewinsky, grand jury testimony, and the impeachment to distract people from that, but we got the speech from Bill Clinton December 16th, 1988, it reads almost identically to everything George Bush ever said. And then we can go back to Bush 41 and we can find other politicians in the middle. We can find Democrats who voted for all this. What about the members of the Senate intelligence committee and the House intelligence committees. You think they had a look at this data and believed it, too? But they did. We know Clinton did. We know Tom Daschle couldn’t wait to sign on to the resolution in the Senate after Clinton spoke on December 16th authorizing the use of force.

But that is not all, my friends. Because Bill Clinton himself, as recently as last October, mentioned to the prime minister of Portugal that he believed that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that they had to be stopped, that the war was justified. This story has come out today in support of all of this. So they have to indict Bill Clinton, not only from 1998, have to indict Bill Clinton from last October, I guess this guy from Portugal, I bet they’ve got a Fort Marcy Park over there that he’s going to have to keep a sharp eye on because now he’s outed Clinton because Clinton at the same time was running around suggesting that this was unnecessary, that Bush had gone too far, he’s rallying all these Europeans against us. But he privately tells the minister of Portugal, I think it’s Portugal. Having trouble finding the exact story here. Yes Portugal, I knew I was right. Even when I think I’m wrong I’m right. In Portugal, he told the guy there that there were weapons of mass destruction.

So this Carnegie thing is purely political, it’s purely partisan, it’s timed specifically to do damage to Bush. It isn’t going to do one bit of damage to Bush, not one. And for these people to be called nonpartisan is one of the biggest shams that has ever been put over the American population, and they are not going to get away with it.


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