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This is more an analysis of the red-and-blue state commentary, which sees America as almost two nations. Of course, this poll was taken over a weekend. We always point that out since Republican voters are underrepresented on those days. It doesn’t surprise me that the districts Algore won (they really aren’t whole states, as our map of counties shows and Zogby found) see the world so differently from the vast majority of Americans.
Mainstream Democrats today believe that Bush caused 9/11 or knew it was coming and did nothing to stop it. They openly claim that he made up Saddam’s weapons, while ranting that he’s the moral and functional equivalent of Adolf Hitler for liberating 30 million Muslims from tyranny. Democrats are over the edge. MoveOn.org, DemocratUnderground.com and Democrats.com are their mainstream. Republicans may be considered the “red” states, but it’s the Democrats that have gone so far off the communist left. But at least one Democrat, Wesley Clark, is trying to appeal to single babes.
The New York Times: “Retired Gen. Wesley Clark has begun to show a softer side. Gone are his navy blue suit, red tie and loafers, replaced by argyle sweaters, corduroys and duck boots.” This comes on the heels of endorsements by Madonna and one of the Enron whistleblowers, and his use of a female soldier in a political ad. Some Democrats lament that women are “turned off by the military persona,” proving they’ve never seen the reaction sailors get during New York City’s Fleet Week. These people just don’t get it.

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