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The goal is to avoid the transitional period of life, to jump seamlessly from your cushy childhood lifestyle to that exact same lifestyle level as an adult. The University of Pennsylvania study by socialist Frank Firstenberg and demographer Elizabeth Fassel among others found this group in Census data. Now, these people are delaying marriage, and it’s not because they’re losers or don’t want to leave their teddy bears – oh no! It’s because “the ability to support and form a family has been declined.” They don’t bother to note our skyrocketing tax rates.

 There is no “independence” of any kind associated with this, yet that’s the myth this story pushes. These people fear independence and doing for themselves! They make excuses – and in many cases, their parents help them do so. The generation gap might be involved here. These are parents who are acting as friends to their children instead of as parents, mentors, and guides. They’re no longer saying, “Get out there on your own, because that’s the only way you’ll find happiness and learn your true potential.” No, the door stays open forever and mom is still doing your laundry at 35.

The Claremont Institute’s Terrence Moore wrote a story headlined: “Wimps and Barbarians – the Sons of Murphy Brown.” He writes that boys are not being taught to be men, and speculates that this is how the child of the fictional 80s TV character would act. Women find these men, now termed “metrosexual,” unappealing and frustrating. One of feminisms lies is revealed here with women saying, “We want to be protected.” They want men – and in their absence, as with Madonna’s Britney kiss, we find more of them acting like men to fill that void.


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