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A reporter asked Johnny, “Do you know how much a gallon of unleaded costs?” The multi-millionaire trial lawyer dodged, “I don’t know what it costs here in New Hampshire. I haven’t seen the prices since I got up here.” When the reporter followed up with, “Well, how much is it back where you’re from?” the Breck Girl replied, “We’re not taking tests.” Yes, you most certainly are taking a test – a test to see if you’re qualified to be president! If Edwards was the political wunderkind the talking points say, he’d have answered this question easy. In fact, he’s among the Senates richest, most-pampered men.
The Edwards Eloquence Myth comes from his days as a trial lawyer, as evidenced by a Cybercast News Service report on his performance in a 1985 medical malpractice trial. CNS: “Edwards had alleged that a doctor and a hospital had been responsible for the cerebral palsy afflicting then-five-year-old Jennifer Campbell. ‘I have to tell you right now – I didn’t plan to talk about this – right now I feel her (Jennifer), I feel her presence,’ Edwards told the jury according to court records. ‘[Jennifer’s] inside me and she’s talking to you … And this is what she says to you. She says, ‘I don’t ask for your pity. What I ask for is your strength. And I don’t ask for your sympathy, but I do ask for your courage.'”
Apparently Jennifer was also asking for a record jury verdict of $6.5 million against the hospital where she was born along with a $1.5 million settlement Edwards brokered with her obstetrician. Note, by the way, that doctors disagree strongly on the cause of this disease. It’s clear how Edwards accumulated a net worth of between $12.8 and $60 million off the misfortune of others. As the Boston Globe reported last year, Edwards “routinely went beyond a recitation of his case to a heart-wrenching plea to jurors to listen to the unspoken voices of injured children” in his closing statements.

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