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We were doing a story on Christmas Eve about all these universities where college conservatives had started bake sales to illustrate the follies, inequities, stupidities, unfairness, if you will, of affirmative action. I told you that these college kids grew up listening to this program, and that’s how we’re slowly changing and redirecting the cultural direction of this country.

Well, now there’s a story in USA Today, which reports that political interest among young people is on the rise, and that students’ political views have also shifted to the right. Liberals still outnumber conservatives but now just barely: 24% said they hold liberal views, 21% call themselves conservative. The percentage of liberals, however, has nose-dived from its high of 38% in 1971. The percentage of conservative students, as low as 14% after Nixon’s second inauguration in 1973, has hovered near the 20% mark since ’81 and Ronald Reagan’s first term, but now it’s close to 22%.
I acquaint you with this, ladies and gentlemen, as a counter to the perception that things are going badly out there for conservatives simply because of all the media coverage of the Democratic primary race right now.

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