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The Thinker writes “There is simply no way on earth” that the son of an ambassador, former Congressman and twice-beaten Senate candidate “or anyone else, could have coasted through Harvard Business School with a ‘gentleman?s C.’? So you either do the work or you’re out. Yet Bush is the only president to have a Harvard MBA. Yet nobody talks about this because it conflicts with their image of him as a dunce playboy.
No story that violates their template will be shared with the public. This is another thing that makes this year similar to 1984, when they portrayed Reagan as an amiable dunce cowboy as they now portray Bush. It’s the same stuff. It’s as if we’re shaping up to have Walter F. Mondull saying that he was going to raise taxes and yammering about “two Americas.”
In fact, Mondull invented that phase, not “the Breck Girl.” Mondull probably can’t claim credit for the “haves and
have-nots” idea of feeding class welfare, however. FDR started that. Rich from Michigan graduated with an MBA from Harvard two years before Bush did in 1974, and called us up with a firsthand account of just how “brutal” this program was, with students and professors constantly forcing you to defend your opinions. Rich pointed out how this training helps Bush make his decisions. When I asked him if Harvard shows any preference to big names, he answered flatly, “No,” and cited the relief felt when a rumor that Prince Charles was going to attend the school didn’t pan out. This is the truth – but because it doesn’t fit the media’s template of Bush, you won’t hear about it much.

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