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Note his words: “I am supportive of the death penalty.” The Weekly Standard reports that the senator’s stand on the death penalty has “evolved.” Quote: “For years, Kerry opposed capital punishment in all cases. In 1996, during a debate with Massachusetts governor William Weld, who was challenging Kerry for his Senate seat, Kerry said Weld’s support of capital punishment for terrorists ‘would amount to a terrorist protection policy.’ Kerry’s position, on the other hand, ‘would put them in jail.'”
In 2002, Kerry flipped again, telling Tim Russert: “I am for the death penalty for terrorists because terrorists have declared war on your country,” but cautioned he opposed it “in the criminal justice system because I think it’s applied unfairly.” Time magazine reports: “‘John Kerry never met a side of an issue he didn’t like,’ says Dean spokesman Jay Carson. And it is true that some positions have changed….” Expect Kerry to keep changing his positions, and then say, “They know I’m for this.” That’s what he’s going to have to do, because he cannot stand on his voting record.
Kerry’s going to have to come up with a slithery way to explain some of those votes, and he’ll do so by saying he’s “changed his mind.” He’ll probably say, “Well, since I’m now running for president, I’m not just a senator, and I have to look at these things a little differently. They know what I’m thinking out there. They know what I’m going to do. They’re going to try to distort this.” This is going to be his typical modus operandi. You wait and see.

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