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Knowing I’d said that, a major See, I Told You So jumped out at me from Kerry’s morgue-like victory speech. Kerry said we deserve a president “who brings America together and remembers we are one America, one people, one spirit. Let’s go out and win. Let’s take back the White House and our democracy in the United States. Thank you, and God bless. Thank you very much!”
As soon as he finished, they cranked up Jimi Hendrix’s “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire” from the Vietnam era! It’s his version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don?t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” that the Clintons always played.
This is the John Kerry theme song of a campaign that’s all about yesterday. The Kerry campaign is all about reviving the Vietnam era and engaging in a little revisionist history. I took on this issue today in three additional stories. You can hear my comments and read the transcripts in the links below.

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