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We have some audio sound bites here, and I urge you to listen to this, and see what you think of the president in this speech and how he’s doing and how this sounds. For all you people out there saying he needs to fight back, the Democrats own the media cycle, he can’t just let them have it; he’s got to get out there. Well, he’s getting out there.
When you listen to this, ask yourself if there is a Democrat out there saying this. Is there? You don’t have to think about this. There’s not a Democrat saying this. Democrats are out there acting like the threat is over. In fact, the Democrats are out there acting like 9/11 was no big a deal in the first place. Now that they’ve got their own war hero, and a four-star general in the campaign barely hanging on, they’re all a bunch of hawks, when in fact many of them think this was our fault in the first place. The timing of this speech is interesting because it comes right on the heels of these exit polls which shows that not enough Democrats even care about the war on terror to show up significantly in the polling data. It is no accident the president chose to talk about this ? and it sounds like a campaign appearance to me.

Well, go ahead, Senator Kerry. Go ahead, Senator Edwards, run against this. Go ahead. Run against these kinds of lines from Bush, “We had a choice, either take the word of a madman or take action to defend the American people. Faced with that choice, I’ll defend America every time.” Now, the proper response for you liberals is, “Well, we understand madmen; Bush is the madman; Bush is the problem; Bush is who we have to get rid of; Bush is the threat; Bush poses a greater threat to the American people than Saddam ever did.”

That’s what a real liberal would say to me if an honest one were to call up and say it, not this business of, “Hey, we knew Saddam was bad, and we wanted him just as much, and we voted to get rid of him.” You can’t pull that one off here. Maybe you’re able to get away with that in other places, my friends, but not here.

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