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Ronald Reagan, a soldier in the state-side army cavalry never faced combat, led us to victory over the Soviet Union and won the Cold War. I mean, you can nuke this stuff any number of ways. But there’s even a better way to do it. Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Prize winner — who I think based on what’s going on in Haiti ought to give the damn thing back. We now sent some Marines there. Did you hear this? We sent Marines down there to guard the U.S. embassy.
Haiti. This is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. What are they fighting with down there, voodoo dolls? It is just… [interuption] What do you mean, I’ve raised more questions than I don’t give me this stuff. Don’t throw this garbage back at me. I haven’t raised more…if I have raised more questions, it’s questions about them, not about me. Of course, I’m raising more questions than I’ve answered. Stop it, Snerdley, just stop it. You know what he’s doing all day today? He’s working Kerry magic on me. Everything I say, he’s responding the way McAwful and John Kerry responds (laughter) and he’s loving it in there.
But let’s not forget Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter was a great nuclear expert, right? Wasn’t he? Great nuclear expert in the Navy, brilliant degrees and all this sort of stuff. Jimmy Carter was a typical lib. They hate nuclear. It’s too dangerous. It’s okay in the hands of the North Koreans. Nuclear is okay in the hands of the Iranians, but we can’t have nuclear power in America. We can’t. We got to shut down nuclear power plants.
But we can make deals with the North Koreans to make nuclear power plants which they don’t do and convert to nuclear weapons systems. Can you believe these people? Clinton, Albright, Jimmy Carter. They’re all involved with the North Korea business. We cannot build nuclear power plants here, but go ahead and let the North Koreans do it, and they turn around and turn it into nuclear weapons plants. And now Iran is making hay on the nuclear front.

Jimmy Carter, when he was president. You people don’t know this because there aren’t a whole lot of people that remind you of it, but that’s what I’m here to do. When Jimmy Carter was president, he made the only oil-burning aircraft carrier we’ve built in the last 30 years. The USS JFK is an oil burning aircraft carrier. It’s not done! We’ve had…Nimitz-class carriers, nuclear subs, all this, and Jimmy Carter, to protect the world and the environment, thought nuclear was too dangerous so he built the only oil-burning aircraft carrier we’ve built in the last 30 years. It’s the USS JFK, the John F. Kerry, and it has to be followed around by a fleet of floating gasoline. The USS JFK can go nowhere on its own. There is an actual flotilla of fuel boats that follow it around so it can get where it’s going. On-surface refueling just like midair refueling, Jimmy Carter. So you let these libs anywhere near the reins of power, they’re going to take us in giant steps backwards.

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