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My friends, I took pity on myself and all of you by refraining from rolling audio from last night’s pathetic Democrat debate. It was nothing more than a giant Bush bashing festival with the following obligatory Al Sharptonism: “The issue is not who you go to bed with. The issue is whether you have a job, either of them, when you get up in the morning.” That was the highlight — the Democrats are proud of this!
Ron Brownstein from the Los Angeles Times really hammered John F. Kerry on gay marriage, and all Kerry could do was stammer, “I was clear!” Brownstein in effect said, “Clear about what? You haven’t answered my question. The only way to stop gay marriages, which you’re against, is with a constitutional amendment. You agree with Bush!” Kerry and John Edwards finally said they’re against gay marriage, but they practically whispered it.
Remember, don’t call Kerry on his flip-flops or cite his record. That’s “questioning his patriotism.” It’s election year, and the Democrats do not like all these people issuing marriage licenses to gays. They don’t want to be part of this issue. You can tell from the way John Kerry tried to deal with the issue last night. He got all flipped up and screwed up on what the Defense of Marriage Act is ? when he voted against it ? and what the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage is.
There are gay activists who don’t like this either. They compare it to ACT-UP storming St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This hurts at a time when gays were getting more social acceptance. Deborah Orin in the New York Post: ‘Democratic front-runner John Kerry yesterday came out for a Massachusetts constitutional ban on gay marriage and suggested that a law he once blasted as ‘gay-bashing’ should remain the law of the land.” Flip, flip, flip! Actually, no. I?ve decided that flip-flop is the wrong term for Kerry because it implies flapjacks ? and he?s really just a weasel. He weaseled his way out of the Defense of Marriage Act.

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