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We played the sound bite on this program. He said something like, You know, we launched that missile strike out there. We don’t know if we got a hundred percent of them, we don’t know if we got 50%, we don’t know if we got 10%, because we couldn’t get inspectors in there. He was clearly trying to say his strike might have taken them out. Well, that’s out the window now. But not only that, everything since 1994 is out the window. Everything Bill Clinton ever said about Iraq, everything Tom Daschle and John Kerry ever agreed with Clinton about, about Iraq, the UN is now saying was wrong.
If Iraq hasn’t had any WMD since 1994, you have a tough time laying this singularly at the feet of George W. Bush. Many people using the same intelligence Bush did, bought it and believed it, including Senator Kerry. Go back to 1998, as we’ve done over and over and the quotes are there – what Clinton said, what Daschle said, what Kerry said, everybody. They all voted for it anyway with Bush in the White House.
I don’t know of the accuracy of this. I believe so little of what these people say, especially the UN. My take on this is that they were there because we know they were there. Hussein had them, and I’m still, given the current climate out there, more interested about where they might be.

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