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It’s close, I will admit, but in the past three months of this Democrat primary, I cannot recall a period of time even in the Clinton years, when the media and liberal Democrat establishment have been more aligned, have been more joined at the hip. It seems all coordinated. Whatever Kerry’s line is, the media takes it. It’s a parallel universe. Kerry is the one that’s being mean, Kerry is the one being nasty, Kerry is the one below the belt, Kerry is the one who is disrespecting the office and the officeholder, and yet Bush is basically playing it as Mr. Nice Guy and he’s the one being accused of attacking Kerry, he’s the one that’s accused of lowering the tone of the debate. Whatever Kerry says, the media picks up.

And then, John Fund has gotten hold of something that’s happening in the Democratic Party. Somebody is actually out there thinking of Tom Brokaw as a vice presidential running mate for John Kerry. Why, I guess this must mean that Brokaw is a Democrat. Why, who would have thought? Can you believe the shock that must greet this in middle America, who think the news is something other than what it really is? Brokaw’s answer is the same answer I would have, if somebody ever suggested that I would be a vice presidential running mate for somebody:
I’d be at the top of the ticket or nowhere.

John Kerry claimed Monday that certain foreign leaders that he will not name have told him that they are rooting for him to defeat President Bush. Now, where have we heard this before? We’ve heard a variation of this before. Do you remember the 50th anniversary of the Normandy invasion? Then-President Bill Clinton went over there to celebrate in the festivities. That’s when he went to the beach at Normandy and found, amazingly, some stones, enough to lay them out in the shape of a cross, and the destroyer out there in the English Channel was conveniently positioned for the photos to be taken from above the beach at Normandy. Clinton was telling the media how he had talked to other members of the international media, and the international media were saying, “How come you’re getting such a rotten shake in your country? Why, we love you over here.”
First, John Kerry stole JFK’s line about squiring Jacqueline Kennedy around Paris, (he says I get to squire Teresa Heinz Kerry around America), now he’s stealing a variation of the Clinton line. We have unnamed world leaders who somehow have reached out to John Kerry and have prayed and have urged him to win. The whole world wants Kerry to win. The fact is, he’s probably telling the truth. I’ll bet there are a lot of world leaders who would love to have a pacifist, ago knifing intellectual flip-flopping phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller in the White House for a change, people like Kim Jong ll, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Yasser Arafat, Father Aristide, “Baby Doc” Duvalier, Slobodan Milosevic. And I’ll tell you who the number one guy, who has no doubt reached out to Kerry – Saddam Hussein.

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