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RUSH: Oh, yeah, they’re scrambling. That’s right. They’re scrambling. They’re trying. It’s CYA time, folks. They’re really trying to hustle. This is why what Bob says makes some sense to me, because this is nothing compared to what he says on the stump, nothing to what these guys have accused Bush of being. What would you rather be, a liar, crook, or somebody who knew 3,000 Americans were going to be murdered before it happened and let it happen? Democrats have accused Bush of that. They’ve accused him of being AWOL, and accused him of being a deserter. They’ve accused him of all this stuff.

So what’s the big deal with this? This may be the answer. That other stuff is just scripted from the strump. Maybe that’s why the press doesn’t even attach any seriousness to what Kerry says from the stump because, ah, that’s just politics; they all do it.

Kerry said he stole the election. Listen, he was down here in Florida, he was down here — actually, I didn’t even know this, folks, when he was here. I mean, within a mile of the EIB Southern Command last Wednesday. I mean a week ago, a week ago yesterday. This is within a mile, and he’s down here, and all these rabid, south Florida Democrats, the blood still coming out of their mouths, What are you going to do? You going to let Bush steal the next election. How you going to keep it from happening again? And rather than say this election wasn’t stolen, we have to work hard to win next year, blah, blah, blah, or this year. Kerry said, Well, we’re going to get lawyers down there. We’re going to file injunctions. We’re going to do whatever we have to do, in advance if we have to.

Now, what was missing from this — and I’ve mentioned this on this program I don’t know how many times — independent news organizations from the AP, to Time magazine, and Newsweek to the New York Times to the Miami Herald to any number of them — have come down here and independently counted the votes in the three questionable counties and the whole state, and no matter how many times, no matter how many ways they counted, Gore lost. It wouldn’t have mattered what the Florida Supreme Court did. Gore lost this election, and the Democrats conveniently forget this, as do the media people who participated in the count. So he’s down here and he’s raising all this fire and brimstone. He did say we’re not going to allow this election to be stolen, accused Bush of stealing the election, but I guess the media just looks at that as common, ordinary parlance because it’s said on the stump. But this was a window into his soul.

Now, maybe I did get confused. And maybe this is the root of it. I believe what people say on the stump. I mean, I believe what these Democrats say. I believe they think they mean it. I guess the press thinks they’re just saying this to rouse people up. They don’t really mean Bush stole election. I don’t know, but it still requires an explanation as to why they’re all batty about this thing he said yesterday and what he says on the stump about Bush (yawning), ho-hum, yawn, yawn. So Bob, thanks for that. I appreciate it.

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