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It’s amazing. He’s the nominee after this supposedly miraculous recovery from 30 points down in the primaries, and not one phone call saying, “he’ll be great for the nation because?” Back in 1992, and in ’96 we had love for Clinton all over the place. They couldn’t tell us why they supported Clinton, but they loved him, and we haven’t had that with Kerry.
As for issues, this gay marriage issue, because of John Kerry’s propensity to occupy both sides of an issue is now being teed up as something that is going to really cause him problems. The Boston Herald has an article on this today, which you can hear me read in the audio link below. I’m going to go against the grain here though, but I don’t see this hurting Kerry. I don’t think this campaign is about him. He may as well be faceless. He’s just a vessel for the Democrats. There’s not pro-Kerry support out there. People supporting Kerry are supporting the Democrat nominee, and these people are more motivated and animated by their dislike for Bush. Kerry could come out and practically agree with Bush on things and it wouldn’t matter. He’s still going to get the same number of votes. The flip flops may hurt him a little bit down the line as we get closer to the election, but I don’t hear any real support for the man now. And, speaking of that, guess who’s responsible for this business between Kerry and the Teamsters? It’s Dick Gephardt. Gephardt told the teamsters to support Kerry, and that’s why Hoffa is making a fool of himself on TV. The guy they’ve endorsed is against everything they’re for. He voted for NAFTA, and their answer is that he’s in the process of growing. These guys have no idea what they’re doing. They’re just lining up behind the nominee.
Kerry has much bigger problems than individual issues. His biggest problem is that he’s colorless. His biggest problem is he doesn’t know how to sound passionate; he doesn’t know how to look energized. When you say John Kerry, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? You want to say, why the long face, senator? I can’t tell when the guy is happy. Normally, you can tell that about a person.

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