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Al-Qaeda doesn’t give a damn about Spain’s support for the war in Iraq. It cares that Spain and most of the rest of the world supported our annihilation of the Taliban and our efforts to finish off bin Laden, that’s what this is about. That’s what the terrorist act is about. Now, the voters in Spain think it’s about Iraq. You can’t blame ’em. Well, you can blame ’em, but I mean you can still understand it. That’s not what this is all about, didn’t stop the socialists in Spain, it won’t stop the socialists in our own country from politicizing this and turning it into an anti-Bush effort as I said because now they’re breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Here’s this audio sound bite. This is last night in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Cedric Brown, a participant in a town hall meeting, asked senator Kerry, “Who are these foreign leaders that you’ve met with?” The exchange went on for seven minutes, folks, not going to bore you with all that but here are the highlights and the montage.

KERRY: No, wait, wait, wait, wait you asked me if I’d met with any leaders. Yes. I have had conversations with leaders, yes, recently. That’s not your business, it’s mine. I’ve met with foreign leaders for any (inaudible) purpose – I never said that. What I said was that I have heard from people who are leaders elsewhere in the world who don’t appreciate the Bush administration approach and would love to see a change in the leadership of the United States. I’m talking our allies, I’m talking about people who were our friends nine months ago, I’m talking about people who ought to be at our side in Iraq and aren’t because this administration has pushed them away in its arrogance, that’s what I’m talking about. Are you a registered Republican? Are you a Republican? You answer the question. That’s not an answer. Did you vote for George Bush? Did you vote for George Bush? Thank you.

RUSH: So? So what. So there’s Kerry browbeating a participant, and the guy Howard Dean browbeat was a Bush voter. The press tarred and feathered Dean, beat him up, said he was mental, said he was unstable, said he was going to crash and burn at any time. John Kerry is applauded for telling a constituent to shut the hell up, who do you think you are challenging me, is what he’s saying, “I’m senator John Kerry. You’re nothing but human debris. You dare challenge my word? Well, screw the hell out of you. You vote for Bush? I thought so, you SOB.”

That’s John Kerry talking to this guy yesterday. I saw Kerry on TV this morning. Do you know the Republicans put out a little bit of information, they trickled it out as they usually do. You have to search for these things, as the Republicans say, and one of the things that they said was that Kerry had voted against sending body armor for the troops in Iraq, in one of his famous votes against the defense budget. You know what Kerry said today? No, he said that Bush did not supply the troops with body armor. He has turned it around and done a 180. It is Clinton pathology. He is taking what he did and blaming Bush for it, he’s the one who participated in killing a bill that would have funded body armor for the troops in Iraq and now he’s saying you can’t count on Bush to even protect the troops because he would not send body armor to the troops in Iraq. John Kerry, just this morning in a live speech in front of the firefighters who don’t even support him. Most firefighters in this country have endorsed Bush, are going to vote for Bush, but they’ve got three or four in this Schaitberger guy.

And, by the way, that’s another thing, the Weekly Standard has done the research, it’s exactly as I thought. All of these 9-11 families that spoke up against Bush’s ads were provided to the media by a five-person extremist group in D.C. that has a fax machine. And they faxed these things out the left-wing media, the media says this is a credible group and they went and got these people, and, lo and behold, that’s how it happens. Big, long piece. I’ve got it here in the stack somewhere. We’ll try to link to it on our website later this afternoon.

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