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Unbelievable. No, totally believable, but unreal that they would be so open about it so that everybody else would know this happened. This actually gave this lug a take two. So today, ladies and gentlemen, the news is that this brouhaha over whether or not Kerry met with foreign leaders who told him that they want Bush out of there has been clarified by the lone reporter covering the event where Kerry said this. His name is Patrick Healy, and he works for the Boston Globe, and he has issued a worldwide apology to his media brethren. “Patrick Healy at the center of a growing controversy over comments made by John Kerry last week in Florida now claims that he,” the reporter, “screwed up, and that John Kerry never bragged how foreign leaders privately backed his presidential bid.

“Healy said, ‘I mistranscribed a key word.'” He’s a reporter in the partisan media for the Boston Globe. He said, “Listening to the audio recorder now in the quiet of my house, I hear ‘more leaders,’ and I am certain that ‘more leaders’ is what Senator Kerry said.” Now, hang on, folks, because this doesn’t get anywhere near the bottom of this. He declaimed. He sent an e-mail out to his fellow brethren in the partisan media. He said, “Transcribing on the bus in Florida and again on the plane ride to Tampa, I heard ‘foreign leaders’ rather than ‘more
leaders.’ I’m very sorry for this screw-up. Please feel free to hold me accountable to your editors and your higher-ups.”

Folks! We’ve got a reporter trying to cover up for John Kerry, a Boston Globe reporter who’s trying to cover for Kerry, take the heat off of Kerry. So what we have here, we’ve got reporters flip-flopping to protect Kerry’s own flip-flopping! Now, we’ve got that audiotape of the incident, and we had it yesterday; we’ve got a little montage of it. But on the audiotape of the incident with the citizen who’s named Cedric Brown at the town meeting on Sunday night, Kerry can be heard to say, “I never said that.” But our tape yesterday was a montage that we put together so I’m not really sure what he was referring to. I initially thought that Kerry was referring to the fact that he never said he has “met” with foreign leaders but he only talked to them, but he contradicted himself on even that.

So I don’t know. I think what Kerry does, I don’t think he means anything he says. I just think he shoots off at the mouth. If it sounds good, he’ll stand behind it. If he likes what he says then he’ll build a case around it. I really don’t think he… I know that they’re worried about this in the Kerry campaign. They’re calling these “gaffes” that result in his passion and so forth, but I actually think that he just doesn’t mean what he says until he hears something that he likes hearing himself say and then he decides to back it up because he thought it sounded good. But either way, whether he said that he never “met” foreign leaders, the point is…

Let me be very clear about this, ladies and gentlemen. In the first instance, you’ve got Kerry saying ? reportedly saying ? “I’ve met with foreign leaders.” Then, he is demanded by others to name them. He says, “Nope, I ain’t naming them.” He never denied that he said “foreign!” He never denied that he said “foreign!” All did he was refuse to name these people. I mean, how else to explain his refusal to reveal the names of the leaders who told him that they hoped he’d win? But, okay, even if I’m wrong, can you imagine these idiots building an entire ruse around a statement that was never said? That’s what they’ve done.

This is beyond Clintonesque. They are building a ruse around a statement that was never said. So what’s worse, lying about something you didn’t say or lying about something you did say? It’s still lying. And now we’ve got a reporter second time in three weeks covering up for a John Kerry flub-up. It’s unbelievable — and that, my friends, is what you get in the partisan media. And just an hour-and-a-half ago a new story cleared from the Associated Press, also part of the partisan media… By the way, folks in case you haven’t noticed I have
adopted a new term here. I think “mainstream” doesn’t cut it anymore. “Left-wing liberal” doesn’t cut it anymore. These people are “partisan.”

They to me are “the partisan media.” I know them well; I know them directly, and I know them by experience, and I know them, of course, as a consumer. And so, to me, that’s my new term. So when you hear me say “partisan media,” just think what you would call or what everybody else has called “the mainstream media.” So here’s Mike Glover, part of the partisan media, the Associated Press: “Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is not backing down from his claim that some foreign leaders privately support him against President Bush, dismissing suggestions by the White House that he is lying if he’s not willing to identify the leaders.”

So they’ve built a ruse around something that we still don’t know whether it happened or not. It’s unbelievable! There’s a great piece in Human Events I want to share with you, too, as we unfold today. But we got the audio sound bite of Kerry saying this, the citizen who was insulted by Kerry — who was told to shut up, it’s none of his business. Cedric Brown was on the Fox News Channel today. We’ll let you hear that. And Cookie, I don’t know if you were rolling. Apparently Carville on C-SPAN within the last 45 minutes, James Carville on C-SPAN the last 45 minutes, apparently went insane. Or insaner. The only problem is it would be a 30-minute sound bite from what I’m told. Be tough to edit this thing. I don’t know if you’re rolling on C-SPAN or not up there but if you were something to check out.


RUSH: This is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Sunday night. Cedric Brown participant in a town hall meeting asked John F-ing Kerry, “Who are the foreign leaders that you’ve met with?” Now, the whole exchange went on for seven minutes. I’m not going to play the whole seven minutes for you. This is just a short part of it, and there is a hum in there because Kerry using cheap microphones that don’t have feedback screens at this town meeting. It’s not our fault. Here’s the nuts and bolt of what Kerry said.

KERRY: “I’ve met with foreign leaders for any — I never said that. What I said was that I have heard from people who are leaders elsewhere in the world who don’t appreciate the Bush administration approach and would love to see a change in the leadership of the United States.”

RUSH: Okay, so, this is still a mystery to me. (laughing) Because, folks, no matter what with this Boston Globe coming out today saying he didn’t say “foreign,” he said “more.” They never denied “foreign” publicly. It sounds like he does deny it here, but there’s an unintelligible, I believe, word in here so we can’t be sure but if he did deny it here it’s the only place he’s denied it. For how long has this been going on now? Four or five days? For a week? That he supposedly met with foreign leaders, and he’s never denied it. Well, yeah, that’s right. Not only did he not deny it — well, he sort of denied it. He said “I’ve heard from.”

But they’ve built a whole ruse around a statement that was never said. This is the thing. All Kerry would have had to do from the get-go, say, “I never met with any,” because all kinds of newspapers are doing investigations of his travel schedule, and of his Senate office schedule. All these newspapers are finding he couldn’t have met with any. He hasn’t. All he would have had to say was, “I didn’t meet with them,” went on for two days where he wouldn’t give the names. And then finally he blows up at this little citizen, Cedric Brown, says… Here, play this again, Mike, because he’s on the verge here of imploding in the first sentence of this.
KERRY: “I’ve met with foreign leaders for any ? I never said that. What I said was that I have heard from people who are leaders elsewhere in the world…”

RUSH: Okay. All right, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it. Even Monday, this was something. Even Monday his handlers are running around trying to spin this. “It doesn’t matter whether he’s met from them. He’s heard from them. He knows, blah, blah, blah.” There was never from the get-go an effort to deny that he had met with foreign leaders. It wasn’t until last night this Boston Globe guy comes out and tries to cover everything up with his own flip-flops. It wasn’t “foreign,” it was “more.” But even now Kerry is sticking to it! Anyway, here Cedric Brown, two sound bites on the Fox News Channel Fox and Friends program today. Brian Kilmeade said, “Hey, how do you feel he handled it?” meaning Kerry “He kept coming back. ‘Are you Republican? Did you vote for Bush?’ Is that the right way you expected to be talked to?”

BROWN: Well, I don’t have a problem with him asking my — whether I’m a Republican or Democrat. I’m a registered Republican. I voted for President Bush. I also voted for Jimmy Carter.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know if I have a problem with him doing it or not, but I tell you what, it was an intimidation technique. It was an attempt to discredit, you know, one of these guys that was asking just a simple question. I’ll just guarantee you if Bush had said, “Are you a Democrat? Did you vote for Clinton? A-ha, I knew it! That’s why you’re probing!” It would have been front page headline, “Unsuitable for Office! Doesn’t Have the Temperament! Doesn’t Have the Focus,” blah, blah. You know what they’d say. Kiran Chetry, who was — or Chetry, one of the cohostettes — said “Cedric, there’s a lot of people in the audience who were trying to get you to be quiet. What was the response when you were done with the exchange with John Kerry?”

BROWN: Senator Kerry told me it was none of my business whether he met with foreign leaders, and I do believe it’s the business of the United States Congress to look out for the best interests of our country. So I’m calling on the United States Congress today to investigate Senator Kerry’s meetings with foreign leaders. They should ask questions that determine the nature and timing of his meetings. If Senator Kerry was undermining our president and his administration while they were attempting to negotiate peaceful resolutions to the Iraq situation, then I would say he betrayed our country.

RUSH: And that’s the point. If Kerry is going to be meeting or talking to foreign leaders and attempting to undermine the United States in the process of furthering his presidential campaign, that is something. And when he says, “It’s none of his business.” Kerry tells this guy it’s none of his (business) if he’s meeting with foreign leaders. It is, as a citizen! These guys work for us. It is our business what they’re talking about.

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