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No, he has to bring it up at every opportunity. I ran out of time, but I wanted to ask Vice President Cheney if he’s seen any pictures of Senator Kerry falling down on the slopes out in Idaho, because we’ve all seen Bob Dole falling when a staircase gave way. Kerry’s ad, by the way, uses footage of him emerging from the jungles of Vietnam. It’s that shameless! These had to be his own home movies.
Do you think that Good Morning America or the Today Show tomorrow will feature surviving family members of those killed in Vietnam expressing outrage as they did when Bush used those frames from the 9/11 aftermath? Will the networks find shocked and hurt families of Americans killed in Vietnam to express similar anger at Senator Kerry for politicizing the war? Don’t hold your breath, folks. We ask these questions rhetorically.
Fifty thousand Americans died in Vietnam, which means that there are thousands of American families who have family members who did not come back from Vietnam. But we don’t need to go back over 30 years to see how John Kerry passed the test of war. Far more relevant is how he fared in this current war, the War on Terrorism. Frankly, he has failed this test of war.

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