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[Reading from KC Star] ?Confronted with 32-year-old FBI records, Sen. John Kerry’s campaign all but conceded he did attend a 1971 Kansas City meeting where a fellow anti-war veteran called for the assassinations of U.S. Senators. Those active in Vietnam Veterans Against the War at the time stress that the suggestion for such a violent approach was angrily rejected. They say their memories do not include Kerry taking part in the radical discussion. A statement Thursday by Kerry’s camp said that Kerry didn’t recall the meeting, although FBI surveillance material and the group’s archives clearly show that Kerry resigned from his national coordinator post at this very meeting. In interviews last week, the senator’s campaign insisted that he clearly remembered bolting from the group months earlier.” He couldn’t have been in Kansas City, he couldn’t have been at this meeting because he quit months earlier, wasn’t even there.
“Responding to a request by The Kansas City Star that staffers question the candidate about the meeting, Kerry passed word March 12 that he ?never, ever? attended a meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War after a heated and public argument with the group’s executive secretary in St. Louis in June 1971.” Now this was a November meeting in Kansas City and he was there.

?In a prepared statement late Thursday night, however, campaign spokesman David Wade [who originally identified me and Sean Hannity as the lying crooks of the Republican attack machine] traveling with Kerry in Idaho, said: ?John Kerry had no personal recollection of this meeting 33 years ago. John Kerry does recall the disagreements with elements of VVAW leadership? that led to his resignation. If there are valid FBI surveillance reports from credible sources that place some of those disagreements in Kansas City, we accept that historical footnote??
What is this gibberish? So he said we weren’t there, Kerry resigned in St. Louis earlier in the year, he wasn’t there but if you’ve got FBI tapes to show he was there, okay, then we’ll concede he was there. But he wasn’t there. Now, if you’ve got these surveillance tapes, fine, then we’ll concede that his memory is such that he was there, wasn’t there, but he doesn’t remember it, you have to go to surveillance tapes to prove it. If he doesn’t think he was there, he wasn’t there, and he does remember leaving, doesn’t matter if he was there, because he left. And that’s all that matters. John Kerry left Kansas City in November of 1971, and that’s what everybody needs to focus on. He may have been there, that’s true, but he left. He wasn’t there after he was there. That’s John Kerry’s statement and he’s sticking to it, he wasn’t there after he was there, doesn’t remember being there but if the FBI’s got tapes, okay, proves he left.

Why lie about this? I’ll tell you why lie about it, because this was a meeting at which — and this little statement here makes it sound like the guy that suggested this was a lone wolf. It was not just one guy. And I wouldn’t say there’s a large consensus opinion, but this got some support at this meeting, there were seven U.S. senators, I don’t remember the names, that the Vietnam Veterans Against the War wanted to assassinate, and Kerry, “I wasn’t there,” and they found he was there, so he had to backtrack.

So why the lie? Because Kerry himself did not call for the assassinations, right? He didn’t call for the assassinations, and the group apparently didn’t support it, I mean it was, you know, somebody suggested it but they didn’t vote for it, Kerry didn’t support so why lie about it? Folks, there’s something not right about this. I’m not talking about the details in the story. Why lie about something that you know is going to be proved a lie?

I’ll just tell you what I think based on, you know, I’ve had some introduction into psychobabble, and I think I understand how the psychobabblers look at this kind of stuff. And Kerry thinks that he’s a big enough guy that if he says he wasn’t there, that’s it, and who are you to challenge my integrity? That’s the only thing I can figure. There’s got to be some sort of arrogance associated with this that makes you think that even if you are discovered to be a liar, that it isn’t any big deal, it’s none of your business anyway, I didn’t do anything wrong, so I may as well not have been there in the first place.

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