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I hate to be redundant, but as has often been said, greatness does not have to be defined, greatness does not have to be explained, and yet Kerry is constantly having to explain himself. His stature, his aura does not speak for itself, so he needs some assistance, he needs a rotten economy, needs the war to fall apart, needs a terrorist attack somewhere, needs a vice presidential running mate that will give him stature because, alone, he has none. Who will it be? Will it be the Democratic insiders’ dream of Kerry and John Edwards or maybe the media’s dream team of Kerry and John McCain, or will it be the FemiNazi dream team of Kerry and Hillary, or will it been the bean counters’ team of John Kerry and Bill Richardson? I say poppycock to all of those names. Well, I don’t know who it’s going to be, but I’m going to tell you who it ought to be. I’ve got the name for them. I’ll get to it in a minute. But first it ain’t going to be Edwards. Edwards would have had trouble reclaiming his Senate seat in North Carolina. A big whoop-de-doo over Edwards that really wasn’t warranted they just trumped that to up make it look like Kerry was in some kind of a contest. He wasn’t.

McCain not going to fly because he couldn’t even bring in very many Republican votes and they need to shore up their Democrat base first. The McCain candidacy with Kerry, that’s pure myth. That’s just dreams and illusions on the left. But the fact that they are talking about it indicates how they also know that Kerry cannot carry his own water pail. Hillary — now, this is problematic — Hillary would energize the base but it would be our base. Hillary would energy us. You would see a larger anti-Kerry vote turnout than otherwise there will be if he puts Kerry. Besides, Kerry is not an idiot, well, totally. I mean, he’s seen how Hillary ate up Chucky Schumer in New York so he knows what she would do if she were on the ticket and they happen to get elected. If she’s the vice president, Kerry may as well not even go to the White House because she’s going to get there first thing in the morning and he won’t be allowed in.

Then you’ve got Bill Richardson and Bob Graham and the other Kerrey, which is Bob Kerrey, you’ve got El Loco Poco Dico, Dick Gephardt. Neither of these guys is going to launch them to victory. It just shows how desperate they are. Now, is there a name, Mr. Snerdley? I’ve mentioned that you disagree with me. You think might, might add to the electability chances of John Kerry? [talking to program observer] Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Bill Richardson. Okay, all right, Mr. Snerdley thinks that Bill Richardson might add aura, prestige, and give an increased chance of electability to John Kerry. All right, fine. Your guy is Richardson. I’ve gone through all the names. There is one potential vice presidential running mate that could actually help Kerry, really, really help him, and that is Pat Buchanan. Think of it. Hear me out on this. [talking to program observer] Yes, it was a great party. It went on for three days, but let me explain this. I’m not just going to throw the name out there. I want to explain this to you. Think of the ticket Kerry and Buchanan. After all, you will love this, you will love this line of reasoning.

Pat Buchanan has already proved he can get votes in Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida. And the Democrats think that Florida is going to be a big battleground state again. Buchanan is also anti-NAFTA. He can deliver more labor votes than Kerry can. I mean if you stop and look at it, Pat Buchanan’s got more credibility with labor in this country than Kerry does, and how about the media? The left-wing editorials? Can you imagine this? What an inspirational moment, John Kerry on the left, Pat Buchanan on the right, a ticket that can unite our country and bring us all together. I mean, they’d have to bite the bullet and they’d have to claim that Buchanan on the ticket with Kerry would be the best thing yet, the best idea anybody has had yet to unify the country. And Buchanan would get more votes from the Republicans than McCain would. I mean, look, if you’re really looking at McCain, you’ve got to say Buchanan would be better McCain. You need Republicans votes; that’s the purpose of McCain, right? McCain isn’t going to get that many Republican votes, but Buchanan would get a slew of them. And, again, you cannot set aside the drawing power and the strength that Buchanan has already demonstrated here in Palm Beach County.

As for the party faithful, the Democrats, now some of you might be thinking, “wait a minute, Rush, do you realize what’s going to happen to the Democrat voters if Kerry puts McCain on the ticket?” Well, I have that one figured out, too, because the Democrats if you get right down to it folks, they’re already having to hold their nose to vote for Kerry. So the slogan is: “You agreed to hold your nose for Kerry. Now you can hold your nose for Kerry and Buchanan.” I love the idea. It’ll never happen, but it makes more sense than McCain or some of these other Democrats. And the best part about this is, uh, ladies and gentlemen, is that it totally illustrates the problems that Kerry has. Buchanan is decisive, I mean he’s not going to sit there, he’s not going to sit there and waffle around, he’s going to be on the campaign trail, he’s going to give Republicans more problem than any of these other candidates would give ’em, I’ll guarantee. I’m joking here, but the Democrats are going to be so desperate, somebody is going to hear this because as you know, my friends, not only am I show prep for the rest of the media which follows, but I have also become Democrat strategic advice, unnamed and un-credited in certain sectors of the Kerry campaign, and they’re going to toy with it. Yeah, I know it will never happen, my friends, and that’s one of the things that’s funny.

Here’s another story, by the way, this is Los Angeles Times and it’s today and it’s in the same vein that Kerry, they’re already starting to make excuses for his loss upcoming in November, “Kerry entering changed landscape, Bush basking in good job news, spent millions on negative ads, some experts say the Democrat will need to be more aggressive.” So they’re already setting the stage for his defeat. They’re already laying out the reasons that he will lose, ladies and gentlemen. They’re already hedging their bets.

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