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You remember this DUD dinner. We talked about it the day after it happened. I accidentally saw it. I was minding my own business; somebody sent me a flash note on the e-mail saying, “Quick, C-SPAN2,” and I turned over there and I caught the end of Clinton, and then they came out and they had all these old losers. They had Gore there. They had Jimmy Carter, and they had Algore and all these guys. They came out and did their speeches in time for the Punk, Terry McAuliffe, to come out, who (Laughter.) by the way, Page Six today, the gossip page column of the New York Post, Page Six, says that if Kerry wins that the Punk will become the ambassador to the court of St. James.
That’s Great Britain for those of you in Rio Linda, and the Republicans will approve it just to get him out of the country so he can’t raise money any more. Can you imagine? Can you imagine the queen meeting Terry McAuliffe? Can you imagine Te…(Laughter.)? Actually might be right at home when you stop and think about it. At any rate, that isn’t going to happen. McAuliffe is not going to be appointed ambassador anywhere, at least by Kerry. So here you have all these guys, and it came time for the Punk to introduce Kerry. “And now! I want you to stand up, and I want you to give it up, and I want you to give it everything you’ve got for the next president of the United States of America, John! F! Kerry!” (Dull clapping.) [Kerry monotone impression:] “Thank you. Thank you. I’m happy.”
It was the dullest night in the world. So after all this excitement — I could barely stand it — after all of the thrills of the dud dinner, John Kerry still says now he’s got to “introduce himself to the people.” He’s down eight points in Florida. President Bush’s ads have unleashed “the equivalent of a nuclear attack in the last few weeks” says this article, Tampa Tribune, “using scare tactics to create a phantom campaign.” These were Kerry’s words. He said this to reporters at his ski chalet headquarters. “Unlike some…” By the way, a question. We are told Senator Kerry had to have rotator cuff surgery out there, right? and he injured it changing positions on the campaign bus. (Laughter.) Well, now, seriously (coughing.) Excuse me for a little phlegm in the throat here from all the excitement.
How does one go skiing and snowboarding and all that with (that injury). I don’t know. I don’t ski or snowboard so maybe rotator cuff doesn’t get in your way. Just some suspicious questions. Anyway, the quote, the big deal is that Kerry is down in Florida by eight points. And it says here, “Kerry’s plans are tied to the $50 million his campaign raised in six recent weeks, an unexpected surge that broke Democrat Party records.” (Laughter.) Yeah, thanks for the 527s and George Soros. Kerry said Monday that that “will buy him TV time in a number of key states unlike Algore in 2000.” Then Kerry said, “A lot of Americans don’t know me yet. Unlike any other Democrat candidate in history I’ll have the ability to advertise in the next few months. We have to make sure people know who I am.”

He’s only been in the U.S. Senate for [20] years, or however many it is. He’s only been the nominee for a year and a half. The media has only been orgasming over this guy for the last six months, and still nobody knows who he is? So they’re going to have to rely…? One of the reasons nobody knows who he is because he’s not around. He goes on vacation. He’s got surrogates out there speaking for him, such as Senator Kennedy. That to me, folks, says it all, that they’ve got to drag Ted Kennedy out! Uh, and here’s Ted Kennedy — the Hero of Chappaquiddick — coming out to lecture George W. Bush on lying and telling the truth. This to me is a sign of utter desperation. Where’s the young blood in this party? Where’s the future? There isn’t any. You don’t see them. They’re not out there.
And one of the reasons, if they do exist, they’re not exposing them because they’ll overshadow Kerry and they make people think, “Gee, why did they nominate him?” I mean, you’d think they’d bring Dean out just to rouse people. But no, you can’t do that. People would get buyer’s remorse,m say, “Why didn’t we go ahead and nominate him?” Anyway, this story has this little line here: “The poll (that shows Bush up by eight over Kerry in Florida). The poll indicated that Kerry would be helped in Florida but not decisively by making Senator Bob Graham of Miami Lakes his running mate.” This takes me back to yesterday, folks.
There’s one name and one name only that will help Kerry as the vice presidential nominee in the state of Florida and everywhere else, and that’s Pat Buchanan. As I said yesterday, “Buchanan has already demonstrated the ability to get votes, lots of votes here in Palm Beach County and throughout south Florida,” and if they’re down eight points they’re going to need somebody who is a proven vote-getter in Florida — and that isn’t Bob Graham. He’s not going to get ’em any more than he already has. You need somebody like Buchanan that’s going to shake things up. Barring that, it’s a tossup. Nancy Pelosi still out there demanding that the vice presidential running mate be named by May 1st.

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