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The state itself admitted in one of the briefs that it filed, or they filed, that they need to see my medical records because they don’t know what to charge, if anything — which is a tantamount admission that they were fishing. They claim they had probable cause, but they didn’t know what to charge me with. After all of that you’ve heard about all of these so-called charges and leaks and so forth, they admit in their own brief they have no clue what to charge unless they can see all of my medical records. We’re trying to stand up and oppose this and stop this kind of wanton abuse of privacy from taking place.
Now, this hearing was open to the public. Anybody who wanted to could walk in and sit down. But the seating was limited. It’s not a very large courtroom and there was a lot of media there to boot. So this was a matter of great public interest and importance. The appellate judges, I think, should be credited for granting oral argument in this case and for allowing the media — including me, the EIB Network — to videotape the entire proceeding. Now you’ve probably, if you’ve been watching TV so far today, you have seen snippets of the hearing, tape on various programs, and you will hear and read other news reports.
But these networks can’t show you the entirety of what happened. None of them can you give the whole story; and by its very nature the news story contains only what the writers and the editors and broadcasters think that you ought to know or think that they think is important. It’s all a judgment. So what we’ve decided to do is to make the videotape of the entire court proceeding available to you, to the public, through a link at RushLimbaugh.com. So what I’m basically doing here is inviting you, the entire radio audience, into the courtroom for a look at the unvarnished truth of what went on today.
I want to stress: I haven’t seen any of these reports with any detail today. I don’t know how it’s being covered. All I know is, it lasted a long time and it cannot be reduced to 30 or 45 seconds or a minute and give it full context. I want you to be able to see all of what went on there. I want you to be able to see what the state attorney argued. I want you to hear what my attorney argued. I want you to hear the questions. I want you to hear the questions that the three judges asked so that you’ll be able to understand the context of this as well as understand the context of the reports that you see on television or read in newspapers later.
So for those of you who do want the whole story and not just the parts of the story that others will decide you ought to see, go to RushLimbaugh.com. We’re still encoding the video. It’s not up yet but it’s very, very close. The entire video will be up at RushLimbaugh.com. We’re going to put it on the free side of the website so that you do not need to be a subscriber to see this. And I want you to review it — if you have the time, if you have the inclination — and decide for yourself what you think is important about what happened today.

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