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They’re worried here this is going to overshadow Kerry. It’s not possible to overshadow Kerry. Kerry doesn’t even cast a shadow. He is so unreal. He’s so not there. He doesn’t cast a shadow. He couldn’t be the groundhog. John Kerry can’t be knocked off the stage; he’s not on the stage. You think I’m wrong about this, folks? I’ve never been righter about anything in my life. Kerry is going to get some votes, don’t misunderstand, but they’re just going to be pulling the lever for the Democrat. Kerry is not engendering any personal attachment. He has no charisma, no “it.” He just doesn’t. And they can try to act like he’s the latest in a long line of JFKs, but he’s a pretender, hundred percent through and through. It isn’t going to wash.
In fact, the way to look at this, if you Democrats want some really good advice – you better hope the Clinton book comes out during the convention so that people pay attention to what the Democrats are doing. It may be the only way that everybody knows that John Kerry is your nominee, beyond those who are already in the Democratic Party and getting the faxes every day. You get Clinton out there, and the press is gonna go nuts talking about Clinton and the Democrats, and Kerry is going to get some coverage as a result of it. You know, so it may be a good thing. You may want this book to be timed for the convention, and you may want Clinton at the convention, too, talking about his book so that people do see, as sort of a tangent to the whole thing, John Kerry. It might be just the thing that you need to get him noticed.

Remember all the bake sales? Okay, this is from Tim Graham. Tim Graham is part of the Media Research Center. This is from The Corner at National Review Online. “Rush Limbaugh is hereby alerted that the laughs the Dittoheads had a few years ago over holding a bake sale to retire the federal deficit can now be repeated, since it’s now a Kerry fund-raising tactic. On Saturday April 17th, MoveOn PAC will hold the world’s largest bake sale, an event which will show the voters and the media that while Bush has the millionaire vote locked up, we’ve got the grassroots on our side.”

This is another thing. I mean, John Kerry is the wealthiest guy in the Senate. John Kerry’s got more wealth behind him than Bush could hope to have. The reason Bush has $170 million or will have $170 million is because he’s setting records getting donations from people who give $25 or $50. It’s Bush who’s hearing from the grassroots; it’s the Democrats who don’t. Look at the red and blue map. What do you mean? There’s no grassroots that the Democrats hear from. They hear from urban areas, union centers and all this sort of — you know, the elite upper class intellectuals in the world on the east coast, on the west coast, and down here on the Atlantic side of the Florida panhandle.
This is just classic. Now they’re going to do a bake sale. This is the kind of thing that Kerry supporters raise their noses at. They wouldn’t dare be caught going to a bake sale. They wouldn’t eat anything they bought at a bake sale. And they probably are going to have a tough time raising money from people that go to one. Now, they’ll get their usual sponges that show up at these bake sales, but it’s – again – they’re taking a page not out of their playbook this time, they’re taking a page out of ours. Because it’s Dan’s Bake Sale that they are trying to replicate.

They also will be registering voters and passing out fliers on John Kerry’s positions and accomplishments. And these fliers will include Kerry’s stands on both sides of every issue and there will be a graphic of his shoulder surgery — rotator cuff surgery — that was undertaken during an injury that occurred during one of his changes of positions.
So far, more than 500 bake sale sites are set up with witty names like “Have your cake and beat Bush, too, in Brooklyn, “no CARB bake sale in Denver,” that’s Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, and Bush. And “Aunt Polly’s warm scones and hot coffee for cool Democrats” in Albuquerque. So they’re having fun out there. Democrats now to raise money for John Kerry are doing bake sales.

Now, they didn’t raise all that much money when they try to retire the federal deficit. If this isn’t a joke, if this doesn’t give you an indication that this guy can’t raise money on his own, they got to have MoveOn out there. What about this MoveOn? They got this PAC. What about 527s and the separation and campaign finance reform? These guys are out there raising money for Kerry? Hmm! Wonder if Senator McCain has heard about this.

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