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What’s wrong with that story? What’s wrong with the story is John Kerry’s not even on the stage. John Kerry is not using any oxygen. John Kerry doesn’t exist. John Kerry can’t get noticed anyway, so what are they worried about Clinton taking him off the front pages or off the stage? This is, you know, a joke – being worried about something happening, but it can’t happen because it doesn’t exist in order to be changed.

So they’re worried. I mean, John Kerry can’t get past Richard Clarke. If they didn’t have Richard Clarke and this commission, where would their campaign be? Have you looked at it that way? John Kerry goes on vacation. If it weren’t for this commission, if it weren’t for Clarke’s book, if it weren’t for Woodward’s upcoming book, John Dean’s got a book out there. And if it weren’t for all the coordination you’re getting on the nighttime cable news shows trying to help Kerry, where the hell would his campaign be? Because it’s nowhere with him. [program observer interruption] So what he’s at the colleges? Yip yip yip yip yahoo! We never know about it ’till after the fact when the media tells us because when he goes there it doesn’t create enough noise, charisma or what have you to get noticed in and of itself. He said something the other day on the economy that I swear, to this day I’ve read it 18 times, and I don’t know what it says. I don’t know what it means. I have it here in the stack. I hadn’t planned on getting to it now, but I’m glad that that ad ran because I’m going to get to it.

Listen to this: This is a story where he was defending the Heinz corporation as not a Benedict Arnold. You know, they got all these plants overseas. He said, ‘I don’t mean that.’ But he said, ‘This is pretty simple. The workplace in the United States of America is as stressed as I don’t think I’ve seen it stressed at any time. It’s almost criminal. It’s not criminal, but I want to underscore how unbelievable it is. I’m tired of talking valuing families and not valuing families. They’re unbelievable, unacceptable staggering numbers of young lives that are being abandoned in our country.’

My friends, I read this and I put myself in the position of Democrat leaders who are also reading it, scratching their heads and cringing, and saying, “What have we done, and how can we change it? Oh, God, let’s do get Clinton’s book out there so it will remind people of the Clintons, maybe we can have some change at the convention.” Because I’m telling you, “This is pretty simple. The workplace of the U.S. of America is as stressed as I don’t think I’ve seen it stressed at any time.” I mean, what is he talking about? If there’s even the slightest basis or element of truth, the stress in the workplace comes from all these needless, worthless federal regulations that are constraining. He’s trying to say that nobody can get a job that they like and nobody can earn any money and all this. It ain’t true.
He’s come up with now this misery index. Can you believe a Democrat wants to revive that? Who’s running his campaign to allow this to happen? Any time you bring up the misery index, guess what? Even CNN did this. You have to go back to Jimmy Carter, and you have to explain what the misery index really is. And Kerry’s got his own new terms and definitions of the misery index, and it was blown out of the water today. We’re going to have to turn it into his own personal misery index, and that’s going to go up every time there’s good economic news, which there was today. So if he’s going to come out with a new economic misery index, we’re going to create our own John Kerry misery index, and I’m telling you, he’s in a lot of misery right now, folks. If he doesn’t know it, it’s even worse for him because he doesn’t have the sense to understand where he —

I know I’m talking fast, but I’ve been bottling this stuff up and holed up for a long, long, long, long time. I’m working on a bumper sticker. People are always demanding bumper stickers and stuff for the newsletter and for the website. I’m working on a bumper sticker, “John Kerry, whatever you think, you’re wrong.” That sums him up. “Whatever I think, I’m wrong.” There’s any number of ways to go with it.

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