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DAUM: You have said, “Stay the course.” George Bush calls the people there “thugs;” you call them “extremists.” But they hated Saddam Hussein, and they now hate us. They wanted Saddam Hussein out. Now they want the United States out. And you say, “Stay the course.” What the United States is doing is bombing hospitals, bombing mosques, sniping at civilians, killing hundreds of civilians, wounding thousands of civilians. And you say, “Stay the course.” Is that the criminal course that you want to stay? This is an imperialist country that’s fighting an imperialist war. You say, “Stay the course of this imperialist war,” and you say you are a stark difference from George Bush. People hate George Bush. By the end of your presidency people will hate you for the same thing. You may fool some of the Americans that you are different from George Bush on this war, but you’re not fooling most of the world and you’re going to fool Iraqis.
RUSH: Alright, for those of you that live in New York, this is the kind of insanity that’s been running the universities that you have been sending your kids to. We’re doing just the opposite. We are building hospitals, building mosques. We are not killing, sniping, blowing up any of those things. We are not an imperialist country, and he was trying to obviously — I mean, this is the way Kerry sounded when he came back from Vietnam. This is the kind of stuff Kerry was saying about America vis-?-vis Vietnam when he came back. As Walter Daum here is saying [translated/paraphrased]: “You are a traitor. You used to look at America the way I look at it, but now you don’t. You’re no different than Bush, and we hate Bush, and you’re going to be hated, too, if you don’t watch out.”
And what’s interesting about this, I have seen the AP version of this story in countless places today and not once is the line, “People hate George Bush, and by the end of your presidency people will hate you for the same thing.” The only line that they use from this Walter Daum guy is some inconsequential line to which Kerry responds, “You’re not listening to me,” and they call him a “heckler.” But they’ve left out, this is the meat of what this Walter Daum said. Listen. He’s attacking the country as “an imperialist country.” We are “murderers.” We’re “sniping at civilians, killing hundreds of civilians, wounding thousands of civilians.” This is what liberals think of America, folks. They’ve got this guy, this nominee out there, and he’s not…(sniffs).
I’ll tell you what this represents to me (and pardon the sniffles but it happens every time I laugh hysterically which I’ve been doing lately). They’ve nominated the wrong guy. This little speech from Walter Daum to John Kerry, the translation is: “We thought you were somebody else. We thought you were a liberal Democrat, so we thought that meant something. Now here you are, you’re the nominee and you’re no different than Bush!” And I told everybody back in the days when Kerry won Iowa and swept into New Hampshire — and all this cascading started and all these primaries — these Democrats just voted for Kerry because they thought he was the guy that was going to win and during all these exit polls you would see that they didn’t care about Kerry.

They didn’t even know what he stood for. Their #1 reason for voting for him was, “Well, he looks like a guy that can beat Bush because we hate Bush,” and I said, “There’s going to be some buyer’s remorse, because they guy doesn’t excite them. He doesn’t energize them. He doesn’t inspire them doesn’t motivate ’em. The charisma quotient here is a little lacking,” and nevertheless they go ahead and they nominate him and the Democrats, you know, kind of got screwed by their own media because the media is covering all these primaries as though this guy is win being the presidency in every one of them. “It’s a record! Why, it’s never seen unity like this!” You’ve heard it. Remember the media talks to all these Democrats around the country are getting all excited?
“Wow! Why, we may really be able to get rid of the Bush guy that we hate!” The media got them all excited but they didn’t know who the candidate was because he didn’t do much speaking. All these surrogates are out there doing it. Now he’s showing up, and I’m telling you here today, ladies and gentlemen, what you just heard from this former dean, assistant dean of City College, Walter Daum accusing this country of murdering thousands of civilians and destroying mosques and bombing civilian targets, that’s who America’s mainstream left is today and they thought they had nominated somebody of like-mind and now they’re a little bit upset. They’ve been bamboozled and this is, I think, just the first of many such examples of this — especially in the Northeast.
RUSH: All right, we’re going to now play that sound bite again followed by John Kerry’s reaction to it. So let’s go back to #2. Here’s the former Assistant Dean of City College, Walter Daum, chastising Kerry for being on the same track as Bush in terms of being hated by the American people.
(Replaying of Daum sound bite.)
RUSH: All right, now here comes the dynamic response to this from somebody that’s on Kerry’s side.
KERRY: I have consistently been critical of how we got where we are, but we are where we are, sir. And it would be unwise beyond belief for the United States of America to leave a failed Iraq in its wake. And I want the Americans out, and so do Americans want —
DAUM: No you don’t. You say, “Stay the course,” senator.
KERRY: Let me just finish. Stay the course of leaving a stable Iraq.
RUSH: So, this guy’s just ripped (Kerry) into pieces and thrown him up against the wall, and Kerry does not address the specifics of what the guy says, does not defend the action that we’re taking, does not defend the country against this charge of murdering civilians, wounding civilians, and all this other stuff that was included. Instead he says [Kerry sing-song voice:] “I have consistently been critical of how we got there, but we’re there, sir, and it would be unwise beyond belief for the United States of America to…” and this Walter Daum is sitting there pulling his hair out. [program observer interruption] What? He can’t answer it. He cannot deal with these people. These debates are going to be something. They’re going to be pathetic. They’re going to be like watching Janet Reno there.

This is a stock, cue-card answer, and he doesn’t know how can he get off of it. I mean, this is an anti-war guy who is for Kerry, and he cannot even answer this guy with his own statements in the past. [program observer interruption] Well, obviously. Well, okay, I see what you’re saying. “How can he answer this guy because Kerry said the same stuff during the Vietnam.” Well, at some point, this is where Kerry is going ot have to. He’s gotten himself in this trap. [Kerry impression:] “Went to Vietnam, I protested Vietnam,” blah, blah. They’re trying to revive Vietnam service. So here come people who think Kerry is one of these great guys. That’s who they think he is. That’s my whole point. They’ve nominated somebody that they don’t know. They’ve nominated somebody they don’t understand. If Kerry were to go out and defend the country, this guy would be pulling his hair out, this Walter Daum.
That would be the end. Kerry might not have got out of there alive. If this guy starts saying, “Mr. Daum, I object to you characterizing this as an imperialist action,” ugh! So this is an example, folks, of who the liberals are and how they get trapped. Kerry is trying to be all things to all people but he can’t satisfy his own base. When they learn who he is, they don’t understand it, and they don’t like it, and here’s Daum warning he’s going to be as hated as they hate Bush. So you heard Kerry’s response. He says [Kerry sing-song voice:] “Let me just finish. Stay the course, leaving.” This is not real talk to people like this Walter Daum guy. You know, this is stump speech stuff that nobody responds to. [Kerry sing-song voice:] “Stay the course of leaving a stable Iraq.” I’ll betcha he doesn’t even know the words. I betcha he’s just mouthing the syllables. So anyway, Walter Daum responds.
KERRY: If you don’t leave a stable Iraq with a legitimacy to whatever entity is going to transform the government, you have the potential for a civil war, you have the potential for Shi’a vs. Sunni vs. Kurd. There are all kinds of potentials. Let me just finish.
DAUM: They are united against the occupation.
KERRY: Yes, but…but…but the point is this, sir. You’re not listening to me.
DAUM: Oh, yes, I am.
KERRY: Well, then you haven’t, frankly, listened, because in fact the course that I have proposed is to you turn over to the United Nations the full responsibility for the transformation of the government and for the reconstruction.
RUSH: Walter Daum was not finished.(laughing) It didn’t satisfy him.
DAUM: No, he said he was going to bring in the UN and NATO as the solution, and that’s not different from an American imperialist occupation.
RUSH: This guy is really far out there. The UN “is no different than an American imperialist occupation.” Kerry tries to get out of it. I love this. Folks, this shows you the intellectual bankruptcy that these people bring to this issue. I’m talking about Kerry. I mean, you can say what you want about Walter Daum, but he thinks what he thinks. He’s very clear about it. He could probably get the nomination of this party if he ran as a candidate and just said this. If he would just go on TV and say, “You know, I don’t think Kerry is the guy. I want to be president and here’s why,” and go into this little 47-second riff about how we’re an imperialist country murdering civilians, the Democrats in this country would nominate this guy so fast. There’d be so much money behind this guy, it would be scary.
But here Kerry doesn’t know how to deal with this guy because he can’t allow himself to use the words that he’s used in his own past. By not objecting to this guy and not defending the country, he’s also putting himself in a trap. Instead, he defends it. His whole solution is [Kerry sing-song voice:] “I propose solution of turning all of this over to the United Nations international task force.” What’s that going to do? This is… I don’t know how to characterize this because I think I know liberals. I think I know them, as I’ve often said, “like every square inch, orifice of my body, not just the back of my hand,” and I know how they’re reacting to this, and this is not exciting them, folks. They are not thrilled about this. Right now liberals who hear this are thinking Walter Daum makes more sense than John Kerry does and they’re upset Kerry doesn’t agree with him. They’re upset that Kerry doesn’t hire him as a foreign policy advisor or do something, but his attitude here, he knows that he’s losing.

He’s losing ground with this guy, so in essence he says, “You’re not listening! Just shut up.” [As Baum:] “I’m hearing every word you’re saying.” [Kerry sing-song voice:] “Well, no, you’re not, and I want you to shut up! I want you to listen again,” and it’s typical. Liberals go out and they meet and greet the average common people and they still, even their own people, they can’t help but treat them as condescending doofuses or they condescend to them as doofuses. [As Kerry:] “You don’t know how the Senate works. You don’t know what I’m saying. You’re not listening to what I’m saying. You don’t get it. No wonder you’re a former dean. It’s a good thing you’re still not around deaning our students now.” (laughing) That’s the only escape Kerry has is to tell this guy who is obviously three times the speaker that Kerry is, that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
And he doesn’t have the brains to understand somebody like me, John Kerry. [Kerry sing-song voice:] “You are just too closed-minded. You don’t have the ability to understand exactly the nuances of what I’m saying. I’m Joooohn Keeeerry, and my wife has $500 million, and you’re just a former dean.” Now, this is this attitude. This guy was not taking it. Now, you can say what you want about what the guy said. I mean it’s wacko; it’s kook, but this is what I mean. These people have become the mainstream thinkers, generators of the Democratic Party. It’s who they are. They hate this country. They hate the military of this country. They despise the American foreign policy, and you heard it all articulated here by Mr. Daum. And Kerry, you know, he can’t afford to make these guys mad. They’re the only people that are going to vote for him. So he doesn’t know how to do it. This is so instructive.
I only saw maybe a third of what I’ve played for you here last night, and when I called Cookie, I said, “I want this whole thing. I want to see this whole thing,” and I’m looking at this, and I’m more convinced than ever, folks, that it is bad, that there is panic on the Democrat side. This is just — I mean, I’m searching myself, because I’m not sure I know the words to describe just how pitiful, inferior, pathetic, uninspiring, damning, damaging this is. The inability to deal with this guy, to have no power of charisma or motivation or inspiration and then the only retort to be every time somebody challenges you and wins, to tell ’em they’re too stupid to understand what John Kerry is saying? It isn’t going to fly for very long. I don’t know what they’re going to do about it, but I don’t think it’s any accident we’re starting to see pictures of Hillary Clinton with John Kerry, in schools and all these other typical little campaign places.

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