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Klein: “There is an odd confusion of style and philosophy here. Bush is bold to the buoyant of recklessness, a quality conservatives usually associate with liberalism, whereas Kerry is cautious to a fault, a stylistic reaction.” This part is so very wrong. It is Bush’s boldness that people are reacting to and are made to feel confident over. They do not look at it as “recklessness.” The left sees Bush this way and wants you to share their vision, but you don’t.
“Kerry, however, is engulfed by the sort of people Howard Dean railed against: timid congressional Democratic staff members and some of the old Clinton crowd, less hungry now, less rowdy, too rutted in past successes to try anything new…. [N]o prominent blacks or Latinos in the inner circle, either. Kerry’s may be the most sclerotic presidential campaign since Bob Dole’s…. It is not uncommon to see audiences leaving his fund-raising events in droves while he is still speaking.” It’s what I’ve been telling you for months here: Kerry doesn?t excite anybody!

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