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If you’re single out there, and therefore in the market no matter what you claim, I want you to read this story in the Health Daily News. “When young women look for long-term mates they really do prefer Ray Romano scrawny types over the Brad Pitts and the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of the world.” Excuse me, is Brad Pitt brawny? I would describe him as scrawny. Furthermore, I know Ray Romano and he doesn’t deserve this.
The exception is “very attractive women,” who choose the good-looking all the time. This guy reported his findings at a meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in San Diego. “On a scale of one-to-five, the women rated the average male at just below three. The average rating for their ideal short-term partner was 4.5. It was four for long-term partners.” Jimmy Soul was right! By the way, those of you who thought Harry Belafonte did a cover of that song are wrong. The mention of his name, however, did give me a chance to recount the heartwarming story of people heckling Belafonte with shrieks of “Day-O!” at a concert in Madison Square Garden during my first days in New York City.

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