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Here’s the whole quote. [Kerry sing-song voice] “I, uh, I looooked out at the shoooreline, and I commented that paaarts of it looked a lot like the rivers in the coooastline I went through in Vietnam.” That’s what they want to hear down there. [Kerry sing-song voice] “Yeah, I looked over theeere and I saw some peeeople in the forest and I thought I was looking at old Charlie, I thought I was looking at some gooks. The Vietcong, memories just came raaaacing back, and then I thought of my medals and I remembered hooow I got shrapnel in my butt. And they put the equivalent of Neosporin on there, such severe injury, and thaaaat’s, my friends, why I am qualified to be your president, because when I, John Kerry, cooome to New Orleans, I see Vietnam.”

I’m going to tell you something else, what I said yesterday, the left knows now. Richard Cohen, the Washington Post, who I hardly ever mention anymore because it’s not worth it, Cohen says he’s cruising to losing in a landslide here, if he doesn’t watch out. And the New York Times has said, look, we like the fact that you released your medical records and your military records, but what about your wife’s tax returns? New York Times! If you read the tea leaves here, folks, I mean, you have to know here that this is not how the Kerrys envisioned this all happening.

You know what I think? I mean, I’ve been thinking about this. I’m wondering, here’s a guy who grew up, he’s born into some sort of royalty, I guess, but nobody cares, shipped him off to school in a different country, nobody wanted him around. He goes over there and he becomes friends with those post toasties over there in the western European socialist enclaves. He’s a big hit in the coffee klatches. He comes back and nobody pays any attention to him. Here’s a guy running for president, he still has to run commercials to define himself, to introduce himself. Nobody knows who he is. He knows nobody knows who he is and he desperately wants to be heard. He just wants some attention. I’m wondering if that’s what this presidential run is all about, just getting known, just getting some attention finally in his life. He’s playing second fiddle to his wives all his life. Everybody knows without them he wouldn’t be anything. You know, he wouldn’t have any ski chalets. He wouldn’t be skiing down mountaintops and all that sort of stuff.

Who knows, folks. It’s not worth a whole lot of time trying to figure it all out, but, as one who has no trouble getting noticed, trust me, you can see it in people desperately trying for it and not maybe being satisfied at what happens. He told about a hundred supporters in the thriving crowd here at the Mekong Delta in New Orleans, a thriving crowd. He told about a hundred supporters sweltering in the heat on the banks of the Mississippi. [Kerry sing-song voice] “I spent a looot of time in the habitat that looked a little like this”. Senator, do you think everybody knows now you were in Vietnam? I mean, or you were in Vietnam? He’s probably saying, [Kerry sing-song voice] “I better tell ’em I’m faaamiliar with this, I’ve been here before. Theeey may not know here in New Orleans I’ve been in Vietnam.”

Okay, I’m going to take a break. We’ll talk about newspaper columnists when we come back. We got more Kerry stuff, too, but well, [talking to program observer] he may have had a flashback, what do you call this? This is a flashback. He goes to New Orleans. He goes to the Mississippi River and thinks he’s in the Mekong Delta, he thinks heat in the middle of the the tet offensive. What do you think this is? I mean, how in the world, does he think that this is going to somehow impress the people in New Orleans, that their state reminds him of Vietnam?
RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, since John Kerry was in the Mekong Delta yesterday — actually it’s a town called St. Bernard, Louisiana — I just happened to have two more things. One element from the same story where Kerry shows up at this little delta town and tells us audience of a hundred that it reminds him of Vietnam. I want you to listen, not even Reuters can go for this. Now, it gets bad when Reuters writes the following paragraph about you.

“John Kerry, the son of a diplomat who graduated from Yale, who joined the Navy, became a prosecutor, and has served in the Senate for almost two decades, Kerry declared an affinity with the people of the tiny town of St. Bernard, Louisiana. He said we’re both fishing people and we’re both people of the sea. We’re both fishing people! He thought he was in Vietnam!

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