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Point is that he’s just desperately trying to get noticed. He wants everybody to focus on his service in Vietnam. He wants everybody to focus on his service in Vietnam, and not his conduct when he came back. He wants everybody to focus on his medals and his ribbons, but not what he did with them when he got back. I mean, John Kerry actually had more influence over the course of the Vietnam War from the United States when he got back than when he was there in Vietnam as a Navy lieutenant, and it’s quite clear that his allegations and antics were lies. I hate to be redundant. I keep saying, greatness does not need to be explained. Greatness does not need to be defined and John Kerry continues to have to explain himself and to define himself because who he is doesn’t stand out, and who he is doesn’t strike anybody as great. He doesn’t strike anybody as having stature just in his own realm, just in his own existence. Folks, I tell you what, a lot of people sent me e-mails and always do over the weekend. We had Prince Bandar on Meet the Press, we had this Kerry thing that erupted a little bit yesterday, the medal controversy, then we had a feminazi march on abortion, the first big one in 12 years.

But I’m going to tell you what the biggest news of the weekend is. You juxtapose it or put it side by side with ABC deciding to take after Kerry today in order to defend the honor of Peter Jennings. And, by the way, there’s also a message: don’t lie to us. You know, we’ll do this to you if you lie to us is all the other candidates out there. This is ABC setting the ground rules: Don’t make fools of us. Don’t try to use us to peddle your lies. If we catch you, you’re doomed. They’re doing that to Kerry today and the message goes out to others, but if you look elsewhere in the media that’s where the big story was this weekend. The media’s puzzlement over the fact that the news out of Iraq is not good yet support for the war is increasing. It’s in the LA Times, Ron Brownstein, it was in the Washington Post, David Broder. It’s all over the media this weekend. They are beside themselves. They don’t understand it. I think it was even in Newsweek. Scan some websites. I didn’t have much time yesterday, I was quite busy, but on Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, I spent some time looking at all this. It was stunning, the amount of things over the weekend.
If you want to see a disconnect between the mainstream elite pundits and the people, just watch our best and brightest journalists asking, “Why are these people still behind the president?” And they’ve concluded that it’s primarily due to the negative ads that Bush has run against Kerry. Or they ask, “Well, if it’s not that, is it the anti-war crowd isn’t getting their message out? What is it?” You know, the communists learned, to their utter shock folks, that they could crack down on religion but they couldn’t eliminate it from the human spirit. And the media is learning, you can trash-mouth patriotism all day long but you cannot eliminate patriotism from the American spirit. All you have to do is look no farther than JFK, John F. Kennedy, and Pat Tillman. Can you imagine the Democrats, the media people, this weekend, after the death of Pat Tillman trying to figure out why it is that John Kerry’s anti-war message isn’t getting out? Can the media trying to figure out why it is that the people of this country still support Bush even though Iraq is not going well, even after the Pat Tillman death and the tributes that followed, the media still don’t get it. Because they do not understand that you can trash-mouth patriotism all day long and you can make fun of it and you can try to redefine it, and you can impugn people who exude it, and you can try to laugh at them, but you cannot eliminate patriotism from the American people, and you cannot eliminate events from the American memory, such as 9/11. And so all of this head-scratching and all of this hand-wringing in the media this weekend over My God, how is Bush doing it? Why the people still support him. Look at all the casualties! Look at all the deaths.

Can I tell you about casualties, ladies and gentlemen? How many dead in Iraq so far, about 700? 700? [talking to program observer] No, in a year, we’ve been there a year. 700 deaths that year, all right? “Sixty years ago yesterday (sixty years ago) 749 U.S. soldiers and sailors were killed when their D-Day landing practice was attacked by German torpedo boats off the south coast of England. It was one of the least-known allied disasters of World War II. On Sunday, yesterday, at St. Michaels and All Angels Church in the coastal village of Stokenham, American and British veterans attended a memorial service for the men of Exercise Tiger who died in the early morning darkness of April 28th, 1944.” Not June 7th, April 28th. They were practicing the landing a Normandy, Omaha Beach. 749 were wiped out when German U-boats, torpedo boats, discovered the exercise and nuked them with torpedoes. The exercise involved 3,000 ships and 30,000 men. Only one British Corvette provided escort for the slow-moving convoy of U.S. Navy ships to Slapton Sands. Nine fast-moving German torpedo boats happened upon the convoy, sank two ships, and badly damaged a third. More people died in one day in a practice session in 1944 than have died in a year in Iraq. The media today thinks that the number of deaths that we have had should have stoked anti-war furor in the minds and hearts of the American people and they don’t get it. It is another example of the great disconnect from the elites of this country to you. That to me was the big news of the weekend.
RUSH: I want to stay with this disconnect between the elites and you for just a second, because John Kerry’s one of the elites, or wants to be one of the elites, probably is one of the elites. He keeps saying, [John Kerry sing-song voice] “I will gooo to the UN. I will go toooo France, and I will rebuuuuild coalitions with these coooountries that can heeelp us.” And at the same time, when Prince Bandar says, “Ah, we’re going to lower gasoline prices, we’re going to lower oil prices, good for everybody.” Kerry says, “I suuuuspect there’s a secret deal, aaand that’s un-tolerable to the American people.” Turns out there’s no secret deal, but Kerry gets tricked into, you know, coming out for high oil and gasoline prices. And he starts ripping into Prince Bandar.

Of course the press can’t figure out why this doesn’t work. Press can’t figure out, “Why are the American people keep siding with the Saudis? Why the American people keep siding with Bush? What is this?” Let me see if I could explain this very simply. I know the Saudis don’t have all of our interests at heart, to say the least, but they do have some of our interests at heart. Let me ask you. In terms of American allies and the role a foreign country can have for the goodness of our future, who do you choose, Jacques Chirac or Prince Bandar? It’s not a tough choice here, folks. It’s not a tough choice.

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