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Furthermore, what did Kerry do for the eight years of Bill Clinton when we needed to build up for the war on terrorism? Why, Kerry went right on slashing defense — and proposing even more, not just in defense but in our intelligence gathering capability. The only real cuts in the Clinton budget were in defense. Kerry was happy to vote for defense cuts. His history shows this, so it’s childish, sixth-grade whining to say, “Cheney made him do it!”
Speaking of that speech Cheney made which the college president complained was shocking in it’s tone, we’ll hear John Kerry speak at Westminster Friday. This will be an exciting speech, huh? George is a nice guy, but the left has had their brains washed in this country. They get hold of one little fact that they think will buttress what their candidate is doing as a way of defending their candidate. Because “Cheney supported defense cuts,” we are supposed to infer that Cheney opposed all the exact same weapons systems that Kerry voted against.
There are hundreds of ways to cut the defense budget without cutting weapons systems. You can close bases, reduce troop levels, modify deployment schedules, extend research and development, etc. The bottom line is, these weapons systems did pass Congress despite Kerry’s objections and votes ? and George H. W. Bush singed them into law! The libs cannot provide a single fact contradicting anything that Cheney said, so they try to imply that there’s no difference between Cheney and Kerry — which is not good for them, either, because they want us to end up comparing Kerry to Cheney in a favorable way. What does that say about their guy? It’s just pathetic.

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