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Well, I asked around to see who did it, and the person who did it, Cookie, opened up and admitted it. Well, she’s taken steps to change the circumstances today, but I didn’t know this I went back in there. I walked in there today, and gone is the Buzz Aldrin autographed photo from the Moon. There is now a pink mat on the floor in front of the toilet. There is a pink toilet seat cover on the toilet seat, and a copy of Oprah, the magazine, on top of the tank. Next to the copy of Oprah the magazine is a scented candle. There are pink rose petals on the floor.
When I came out, Cookie said, “Did you see the waterfall?” I said, “Yes, of course I saw the waterfall. I do wash my hands in there.” On the sink area is a waterfall, two more scented candles in champagne glasses and some Dr. Phil artifact! Then she gives me this story that she found from the Minneapolis Star Tribune on January 24th, 2002. Headline, “Bathroom May be Small, But It’s an Important Room.” It’s all about how to decorate your bathroom.

I’m not going to bore you with this, but this story says, “In a small bathroom use less stuff but add more color.” Pink? Pink, Oprah magazine, scented candles? It says, “Don’t be afraid to hang art in the bathroom. And most important of all, the bathroom is not a stepchild. Everything should have the same feeling, style, and personality as the rest of the house. The bathroom may be small, but its importance is big.” Really?

So, it’s going to be an adventure, folks. What’s going to be in there the next time I come back and go into the bathroom? Unbelievable.

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