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Kerry told Vogue, “I had always had this entrepreneurial piece of me, and I saw it as a great business opportunity.? Liederman says Kerry called him about opening a franchise in the space, so Liederman supplied plans, layouts and such ? but never heard back from Kerry. When he went to Boston to check out a store reported as one of his, he found a cheap clone! ?It was a direct, 100% knock off of David?s Cookies. If you had walked into a David?s Cookie?s store in Manhattan at the same time he opened ?John?s Cookies? in Boston, you couldn?t tell the difference.?
When Liederman confronted him, Kerry admitted the theft, saying, “You?re absolutely right. I am a politician; I shouldn?t be in the cookie business, so let me sell you my store.? Dealey: “Liederman never bought the store, he said, because Kerry was operating it in violation of his lease. ‘He was supposed to be selling jams and jellies, not cookies.’? Incredibly, Liederman now says, “I’d support anybody that wasn’t Bush,” casting the president as the bad guy after Kerry ripped off his cookie idea!
February 20th’s Boston Business Journal reports that the current owner of the space that was once Kerry’s “Killavert and Forbes” knock-off cookie shop, “hopes Kerry connection spells sweet return.” The Wall Street Journal did a whole big spread on this yesterday, complete with must-read quotes of Kerry talking about capitalism. If “meeting a payroll” and all of this had such an impact on Kerry, I would like him to explain his record of votes in the Senate ever since this shop closed 30 years ago.

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