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CALLER: And instead I watched her expression, because I knew in my spirit, I wouldn’t be able to take it. I watched her expression as the blood left her face and she grabbed her stomach and started to cry. I was just in such shock and such, you know, disgust, and she described it, verbatim what was happening, and then I felt such guilt after I knew I had talked to you and told you I agreed with you almost a hundred percent of the time and now I have to say I agree with you 100 percent. The things that have gone on, from what we’ve seen in the prison, the Abu prison, it’s no comparison. And for the media to just be continuously showing the naked prisoners, instead of showing at least a still of Berg sitting in front of the terrorists, it’s just appalling. And I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. Understandable. The Berg video is… hearing it, if you just listen to it, it’s all you have to do. Doesn’t take long, but you listen to it, it’s every bit as chilling — well, it’s close. You could imagine, because you know what’s happening when you hear it, so you’re able to create a mental image if you don’t watch it while you hear it. But it does put things in perspective, which is all I ever ask for.
Back on that day, May 4th, was a week ago last Tuesday, and that’s when the first series of photos came out, had three or four of them, and they were just the pyramid, the Lynndie England with the cigarette dangling from her mouth pretending she had a gun and naked Iraqis standing there. We had this black robe and hood with wires and so forth, and, you know, two hours and 59 minutes of my program we talked about how surprised and shocked we were that Americans would engage in this kind of behavior, how bad it was, a caller calls and said it looks like a college initiation, I said, yeah, Skull and Bones, that gets reported, all the context and all of the criticism of the people was left out.

But the point that was made on that first day was a point that I’ll continue to make and I’ll make again now. Yeah, it was bad. But we fix it and we move on and we don’t hamper ourselves. We don’t tie our hands behind our back all because of guilt over this. We don’t say that those who engaged in this at that prison represent all of us or all the military. We keep it where it was. We keep it on the people who did it, we deal with them, we fix the problem, and we move on because we’ve got a war to win, and we cannot bother hampering all the people in uniform over there whose lives remain on the line.
And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve taken these photos and we try to tar and feather every American, all the way up to the president, tar and feather Rumsfeld, tar and feather everybody in the military; and from the same people who say they support the troops, give them one opportunity to dump on the troops, and they will take it. All of this that I’ve just said to you was said last Tuesday, along with the Skull and Bones comment. And all of that was left out.
So I appreciate your call, Christie. Thanks very much.

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