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There are people — we talked about this late yesterday — there are people in this country who actually, well, let’s just put it this way. As I said yesterday, they may not be on the side of the terrorists in Iraq, but their actions wouldn’t be any different if they were, and those are Democrats and liberals in this country who are anti-U.S. military and anti-victory. They may not be pro-Al-Qaeda. They may not be wanting Al-Qaeda or terrorists to win, but if they did, their actions wouldn’t be any different than they are now. And you can interpret that to mean either they’re smart or they’re na?ve, and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and I’m going to say — even though I’m not sure this is totally accurate — I’ll say they’re na?ve. They may actually believe that if we lay down our arms that the side opposing us will do the same and we could live happily ever after. There are some liberals who believe that. There are some liberals who believe that we provoke all this just by being who we are, just by having our military might, and just by being willing to project our power. And so they think that if we just cease and desist, that the other side will not consider us a threat or an enemy anymore and they’ll cease and desist. Now, those who have a brain and a contextual understanding of history know that that’s dangerous, risky, and absurd.

So, no, I don’t think I’m going out of the way. John Podhoretz wrote a column in the New York Post today saying the same thing, and I’ve said this long before anybody else did. That’s why pioneers take the arrows, you know, I’ll go out and say it. I’ll take the arrows and those who agree with me will come in a couple or three days later and get on the bandwagon and not take any arrows. That’s what happens here. You know, have you noticed all the people who are talking about this looks like a fraternity prank? Well, I took the arrows for that and now everybody who wanted to say it at first but didn’t is getting in on the action. That’s fine. I’m not complaining. I’m honored. Honored to be a pioneer, honored to be taking the arrows.

Senator Arlen Specter said, “As bad as the Iraq prison abuse cases have been, Berg’s execution should be a reminder the war on terror continues and must be given full attention.” He said we need to lose the intensity. “We tend to lose the intensity ? the feel for 9/11 ? as time passes. … I think the beheading of Nick Berg is a very stark reminder.” Same thing in the Senate, James Inhofe led the way, or Inhofe took the arrows. Inhofe spelled out the truth of what was happening at this abuse committee hearing; and now he gave cover to all those who agreed with him to come later and jump on his bandwagon. And this is not to disparage Zell Miller. I like all these guys saying this, but Inhofe was the first and Inhofe took the heat for it and then after that since he took the heat and was already out there, others who agree come along. Even Arlen Specter getting on this bandwagon. There are a number of senators now getting on the bandwagon and I’ll tell you why. Because it has become apparent that the New York Times and the leading institutions in the mainstream press were doing everything they could to keep the Nick Berg execution and murder second and third-tier news while these prison photos remained top-tier news because the prison photos are a way to damage our war effort and damage Bush, and perhaps lead the way to his defeat at the polls in November, which is what this whole prison abuse thing is all about for these people wringing their hands and acting like it’s the worst thing they’ve ever seen. The worst thing that happened to them was when Nick Berg was assassinated, the way he was.

There’s no way you can see that video or hear it described or hear the audio from that video and at all keep the perspective of the prison photo crowd, and that perspective they would wish. Because the prison photo abuses, bad as it is, and offensive as it is, pales in comparison to what happened to Nick Berg. And guess what else? As long as, look it folks, I’m worn out, when I’m worn out, I’m less, what’s the word here, guarded. And I’m just going to say, who was the first? This is one of these days, if I don’t say it, nobody else will. So forgive me if you think this is bragging. I don’t think it’s bragging, because it isn’t bragging if you can do it.

Who was the first to nationally, publicly, loudly proclaim after viewing these pictures, ooh wee, looks like a whole lot of sex going on here. Who was the first to say this is stuff you would see on American computer screens at porn sites? This is the kind of stuff that you would see, I mean, homoeroticism going on. Now have you noticed how many stories there are about just how much about sex this was? I mean, we’ve now got stories of Americans having mattresses on the floor encircled by candles, little romantic gang bangs going on out there in front of the Iraqi prisoners. You hear about this, Dawn? And as news leaks out, and who was one of the first to use the word, looks like some perversion going on here? I would love to be able to claim the line that George Neumayr used, I can’t claim it because George Neumayr used it first in the American Spectator.
Neumayr said, “If these prison photos had been taken by Robert Mapplethorpe, the very senators condemning them would have funded the exhibit at the National Endowment for the Arts.” And while all of this is taking place, the very people, the very people who have defended the sexual revolution and have championed the so-called sexual revolution, who defended any kind of sexual perversion in the Oval Office when it was going on there when Bill Clinton was — those same people are now the ones who are raising holy hell themselves about how sick this is and how disgusting this is and how perverted this is. And that is why I’ve said when the rooster comes home and when the whole truth comes out about this comes out on what was going on over there, the people on the left who condemned all of this, shall we say, enlightened, as they’ve called it, perverted sexual activity they’re going to have to explain to many of their constituents why they’ve changed their mind on these particular kinds of acts and these particular types of lifestyles.

So while all this is going on, the Democrats are claiming this is a chain-of-command thing, and they’re trying to get this linked all the way to Bush, this is happening because of Bush’s example, this is happening because Bush doesn’t care, this is happening because Bush doesn’t use any discipline, this is because it comes from the top. I would believe that if Bill Clinton were still in office. If Bill Clinton were still in office, I could accept the notion this might come from the top and, in fact, depending on the age of these soldiers over there they may in fact be. How many stories have we had lately, oral sex is a great way to stop teen pregnancy? That oral sex is a great way to have safe sex, just had one this week. Who popularized oral sex for the nation? And who was defended day in and day out royally for doing so? Bill Clinton. And who defended him? The Democrats who now find all kinds of atrocities in these photos coming out of Abu Ghraib prison. I don’t know, Mr. Snerdley. Mr. Snerdley is wondering what if all these videos are being taken because a, you know, third-rate production porn movie was being made over there?
Well, that’s how they are. I mean, I’m not a veteran of porn by any stretch, I’m not, but let’s face it, average pornography does not look like Gone With the Wind, right? So you never know. If pornographers get in the military, get over there as MPs and start making movies and stuff for the hell of it, or profit or what have you. I mean, anything is possible at this point, anything is possible. Don’t know if we’re going to find the truth of it to that extend, but I just find it interesting nevertheless that the people who are acting so outraged, so offended, are the very people who championed this stuff or at least defend it in this country. And as I said yesterday, folks, let’s not forget something. While all of this hand-wringing is going on, while all of this outrage is taking place, the porn industry in California is happily announcing they’re back in business after dealing with the latest HIV scare. And the state of California is happy about it because of tax revenues.
Okay, I’ll go back even years and years further to when I was a pioneer in another era back in the early days of women in combat, and women in the same positions as men in the military. I said you can’t keep sex out of it, folks. Once you’ve put them together in these circumstances, be it a battleship or wherever, sex is going to be a factor, it’s going to be. And all the femi-Nazis began calling me, “You think women are just a bunch of sluts? You think that women, when they get together with men, that’s all they want to do? You don’t think they’ll have any discipline?” No, I’m not saying that women are sluts and I’m not saying that men are sluts, and I’m not saying they don’t have any discipline. I’m saying these are 18 to 21-year-old people with raging hormones and nobody is watching, and you’re throwing them together. Voila! We have the Abu Ghraib prison photos.

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