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RUSH: All right, Michelle in Las Vegas wants to comment on the near topless photo of Alexandra Kerry, the daughter of John Kerry who served in Vietnam. Yes, Michelle.

CALLER: Rush, I am so thrilled to talk to you, first of all. But my comment is, as a woman I just want to say that when women go and pick out a dress for an event such as what she attended they certainly inspect it and make sure that it’s not something they aren’t going to be comfortable with or — you know, they know that several people are going to be watching them and photographing them. I think, for one, that she knew it would be a little bit see-through and risqu?. But my comment is that it’s interesting to me that she would choose to wear something like that in the midst of her father’s running for election. I think it really is a reflection on her relationship with her father and, you know, just kind of made me wonder.

RUSH: Oh, man, is there a line there. But, Rush, restrain yourself, restrain yourself, we live in the era of Abu Ghraib. You say that what she’s doing is disrespecting her father?


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Most definitely. And I wonder, you know, why is she doing that? Has her father been away in his political life and not a good daddy? I don’t know. It just was kind of humorous to me.

RUSH: Actually, I hadn’t thought of this. I don’t think you can show disrespect to a liberal by showing your breasts. I think that’s how you excite them. I mean, you know, it used to be that only at the Kennedy compound did they bare breasts, but now, you know, it’s happening everywhere, and I think in the case of Vanessa Kerry here, this is her business. This is the business she’s in. This is what she has to do, and this is what she has to do to get noticed because, frankly, whatever else she’s doing doesn’t get noticed, and so I mean it’s a cheap thrill. But this is the kind of stuff that excites the crowd at the Cannes Film Festival which is what she’s trying to do.
And as far as liberal America is concerned, I think that this will speak volumes to them about how young and hip Kerry is, because look at what his daughter is doing. There are two cultures in this country and she’s representing here a culture that thinks this is cool, because they love the in-your-face aspect. They love the fact you’re upset about this. They’ll think Kerry raised a good daughter, to be bold, and to be brave, and to be unashamed [Program Obsever Interruption] — do not say that! Be careful. Mr. Snerdley just shouted an obscenity, my friends, in my IFB. And you ask why are there not microphones here with the staff? [talking to staff] Well, whoever it was, whoever said it, Mr. Snerdley is now disavowing any responsibility for it. I’ll tell you if these people were on mic, folks we’d be getting fined four or five times a day by the FCC. Somebody’s got to keep this ship afloat and heading in the right course. Michelle thanks for the call, appreciate it.

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