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RUSH: This is unbelievable. Let me analyze this for you, folks, as only I can do. A: John Kerry is consistent. He’s against another weapons system that would protect the United States. The idea that we announce to the world [Kerry sing-song voice] “I’m Jooohn Keeerry, and I’m not going to build any buuunker-busting nuclear booombs.” So bin Laden says [rarely heard OBL impression], “Ooh, goody, we win! They won’t have them. We have advantage.” What is this? You know why do you build the B-2 bomber? Do you know why you build the B-2 bomber? So you don’t have to use it. The left cannot understand that. They don’t understand the concept of “deterrence.” They don’t understand that we’re the good guys! We do not aggressively attack nations. We may take preemptive action, unless the left can forestall that again, but we defend ourselves and our allies. We do not launch nukes.We’re the only nation that has, but why? To win a war to save thousands upon thousands of American soldiers’ lives, we nuked Japan. It ended the war. It worked. The idea that we’re going to announce what we’re not going to produce, what weapons we’re not going to have and then say that that will send a signal to the rest of the world they don’t have to have them, either, is the height of ignorance. What Kerry is admitting here is his lack of understanding of the concept of Bad Guys. It’s no more complicated than that. He doesn’t think that there are bad guys. We create them. We create them with our power; we create them with our presence. We create the bad guys. We create our enemies because we’re too big and we’re too powerful, and we’re no different morally than any other nation with nuclear weapons. “Go ahead and let Korea have ’em,” Kerry probably thinks. “Go let ’em have ’em. We do.” He sees no difference. He he’s a moral equivalence, and then, “What kiiind of a messaaage does that seeend when we’re asking other cooountries not to develop nuclear weaaapons when we’re going to have and develop new ones ourseeelves?”

It says — and I know this is something you on the left can’t deal with — it says two things. It says, “We are the world’s superpower,” and it says, “We’re the good guys.” It says a third thing: “We know that we’re the target of the bad guys and we’re going to protect our people. We’re going to protect our country, and we’re going to do it however we have to — unless guys like Kerry actually gain control.” That’s why they actually worry me, because I’m not sure they can be trusted. Here’s his #1 goal as president, he said again. You hear the throng, by the way, at this surprise appearance at the Port of Palm Beach? By the way, don’t be confused about Port of Palm Beach. When you people hear Palm Beach, they think of upper crust and stately. (laughing) The Port of Palm Beach, my friends, you wouldn’t want to be there. You wouldn’t. Well, never mind. (sigh) The only cruise ship in there… Never mind. I can’t figure out why he went. I cannot figure out why he went.

Of all places to go, the Port of Palm Beach! (Program observer interruption) Well, no, no. I know why he went. I actually shouldn’t have said it, because I do know why he went — and, you know, let me extrapolate on that, by the way. This is the guy, and all these people that have been saying that we caused the problems of terrorism in this. He’s worried that they could bring nukes in; he’s worried that they’re going to come into our ports. John Kerry is trying now, even after this comment, to make people think that he can protect our ports because Bush isn’t protecting the ports and the terrorists are going to get nuke bombs and they’re going to bring them in through trucks and ships, and Kerry is going to have a plan to stop it. So he’s going to the Port of Palm Beach as a symbol. Anyway, this is the next bite. This is what he said.

KERRY: As president, my #1 security goal to protect the United States of America and to win the war on terror most effectively will be to prevent the terrorists from gaining weapons of mass murder and ensure that hostile states disarm. That is our priority.

RUSH: I’m really, folks, I’m having trouble maintaining my composure. I want to know who’s in charge of this campaign, because this is the most idiotic, ill-timed, stupid statement. What is Iraq? What are we doing, Senator Kerry? How? How? Just how are you going to stop people from producing weapons of mass destruction? “We will prevent the terrorists from gaining weapons of mass murder.” How are you going to do it? We are in the process of doing it, and you disagree with it. [program observer interruption] What? And he agrees with it, yeah, but I mean, you know his party disagrees with this. He just has to say he agrees with it. That’s the whole point of the Iraq war! Weapons of mass destruction. Preemptive action. Can we afford to believe Saddam Hussein when he says he doesn’t have them when we knew he did? Can we afford to believe people like this when they are going to be targeted at us? Is it not the responsible thing to do after years, ten years of working with the guy through the vaunted United Nations to find out what happened to those weapons after ten years, when we can’t find out the inspectors get kicked out.

Those weapons were there. They’re being made and targeted at us. The only responsible thing is to go in there and take a shot because if they’re there, did the right thing; if they’re not there too bad. It’s his fault. He could have stopped it by being honest. But what do we have? We have people like John Kerry and the whole Democratic Party saying, “This wasn’t necessary!” The LA Times running stories saying that this is going to effectively kill the doctrine of preemption. Well, if the doctrine of preemption is killed I want to know from Senator Kerry just how he’s going to stop terrorists from getting weapons of mass destruction. Is he going to call them on the phone and say, “I don’t waaant you to go geeet thooose”? He’s going to call Kofi Annan?

There’s going to be some amalgamation of the Germans and the French and the UN, and there’s some magic wand they’re just going to wave all over the terrorists and they won’t want to go get weapons of mass destruction anymore? We’re in the process of doing just that. We are executing exactly what John Kerry just said in this absolutely stupid comment. We’re doing it. I can’t believe this campaign actually lets him go out and say these things. He’s going to have to blame this one on a speechwriter again. Of course, the truth is, it will never get the scrutiny that it’s getting on this program. This is (gasping). Play this again. This is #2. Now that you’ve heard brilliant analysis, I want you to listen to this comment again, folks, and see how inane and utterly dangerous this is.

KERRY: As president, my #1 security goal, to protect the United States of America and to win the war on terror most effectively will be to prevent the terrorists from gaining weapons of mass murder and ensure that hostile states disarm. That is our priority.

RUSH: I don’t know why he’s getting any applause. The Democrats don’t support any of that. The Democrats don’t support going after weapons of mass destruction, and they don’t support making hostile states disarm because how do you do that? He says, “I will ensuuure that hostile…” How? You know, we never get the “how” from this guy. Just has a “better plan.” Oh, yeah, talk to them like Clinton talked to the Chinese? They’ve now got our nuke secrets. North Korea’s got nukes. Clinton was talking, is that how he’s going to do it? This is pathetic, folks. This is absolutely — and I’m telling you this is why, whoever they are — and I know there are some — but whoever the power brokers and the wizards of the Democratic Party are, and they’re there, because somebody’s leaking these stories about who-all is unhappy with Kerry and they can’t and all this.

Somebody is there, and they hear this kind of stuff and they say, “By gosh, we hope people aren’t listening! Thank God for the mainstream press because they’re not going to point this out,” because this is almost disqualifying. This is so stupid. This is so blatantly ignorantly stupid, it’s almost disqualifying,” from seriousness, I mean. Not as a candidate, but as a serious candidate. This is just, I mean, a Miss America pageant contestant couldn’t come up with anything syrupy and stupider than this. I stepped in it there, didn’t I? (Heart bumper music) All right, the president today delivered the commencement address. I think it’s commencement address, the graduating class, the Air Force Academy, out there, in Colorado — and I want to do an A-B side-by comparison. We’re going to play this Kerry sound bite again. This unbelievable sound bite, and really, I’m sorry for being so verbose. It really only needs one word in response, and that is “How?” “How, senator?” Here’s Kerry again. [William F. Buckley impression] Then I want to play Bush after Kerry, and you tell me just of the two, whom, uh, who inspires you the most. Here again, the French-looking Senator Kerry.

KERRY: As president, my #1 security goal, to protect the United States of America —

RUSH: Yes.

KERRY: — and to win the war on terror most effectively —

RUSH: Yes.

KERRY: — will be to prevent the terrorists from gaining weapons of mass murder and ensure that hostile states disarm. That is our priority.

RUSH: How? How are you going to do it? You. Never. Tell. Us. How. We’re in the process of doing it, and you vote for it, and you vote against it. How are you going to do it? Let’s go to Bush, the Air Force Academy, just mere moments ago.

BUSH: The terrorists who attacked our country on September the 11th, 2001 were not protesting our policies; they were protesting our existence. Some say that by fighting the terrorists abroad since September the 11th, we only stir up a hornets’ nest. But the terrorists who struck that day were stirred up already. If America were not fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere, what would these thousands of killers do? Suddenly begin leading productive lives of service and charity? Would the terrorists who beheaded an American on camera just be quiet, peaceful citizens, if America had not liberated Iraq? We’re dealing here with killers who have made the death of Americans the calling of their lives, and America has made a decision about these terrorists. Instead of waiting for them to strike again in our midst, we will take the fight to the enemy. (Thunderous applause.)

RUSH: There’s the “how”! There is the “how”! There is more than just the platitudes of [Kerry impression], “My preeesidential security goaaal will be to ensuuure that hostile states disaaarm.” I mean, I feel like making an obscene gesture or two when I hear this. It’s just, there’s the “how.” [Howard Cosell impression] President George W. Bush has just explained the “how,” as he’s been doing over and over.



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