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Now, stop and think about that. What is it that allows some human beings, what kind of vanity must they have? You know, we are amazing creatures. There’s no question. But do you realize that in the grand scheme of things, we are but passing molecules through the great cosmos, my friends? The idea, the very idea! This is what has always amazed me about these people. The very idea that the greatest prosperity in the history of mankind will lead to the destruction of the earth and that we have caused ourselves to reach a point now where we are past the threshold of inevitable change. Has there ever been — I want to know; I’m asking an intellectual question — has there ever been a period in time where there has not been change? I ask you evolutionists: What is evolution if it isn’t change? What in the world is this insanity that we have now passed the threshold of inevitable change?
Things change every day. My body changes every day! It does different things every day. This microphone (taps) is not the same from one day to the next; I can tell you it doesn’t sound the same. This absolute insanity. To sit here and to believe that our basic existence, which is oriented in this country to improving the quality of life for as many of our human and animal and plant friends as possible is going to result in all of these disasters, and then to have the audacity to publish this apocalyptic bilge day-in and day-out in the so-called newspaper of record is the height of ego and vanity and self-centeredness. I have never seen it worse than it is in the environmental movement, and this rotgut about the environmentalist wackos being concerned about this movie. Hell’s bells, folks, who produced it? The environmentalist wackos! It says exactly what they want it to say. They are nuts. They are absolute lunatics. The vice president looks like Cheney. The president looks like Bush. We infiltrate and illegally migrate to Mexico. New York becomes a glacier in a weekend. Astronauts traveling the earth look down after this disaster and say, “Wow, boy, the air seems a little more pure today,” or whatever the line is.
Nowhere else on the planet is damaged, only the United States. Mexico is spared. I mean, this is an exact message they want in an election year. This movie, actually, is a godsend in the sense that it confirms everything I have been trying to tell my audience for 16-plus years on this program, or 15-plus years, and that is the utter extremism that makes up the people in this movement. The conflicts here, or the contradictions and the ironies in the environmental movement, are overpowering to me. On the one hand they also claim as members the animal rights wackos, and the animal rights wackos are out there saying that we’re no different than insects, cicadas, rats, trees, whatever. In fact we’re worse. If we weren’t here then the earth would be a far better place. It would be pristine and natural and all these dumb creatures would have it to themselves. All they’d have to do is worry about not being eaten by each other. None of them would be pets; none of them would be well cared for; none of them would be getting Kennel Ration. None of them would be getting all these, you know, designer foods.
There wouldn’t be any vets. They wouldn’t be having surgeries. They wouldn’t be able to live on three legs. It would be survival of the fittest and they’d be doomed. We come along, and we’re the problem? Then on the other hand, on the other hand, we are so worthless. We are worth less than vermin and rodents that patrol the subways of New York City — and some residences. On the other hand, we are so omnivorently powerful. We are so powerful and dangerous that we can destroy all of this simply by designing the automobiles we design, by increasing food production. But increasing and enabling mobility and upward mobility and all kinds of prosperity for all the peoples of the world who wish to take advantage of the secrets — well, the blessings — of our way of life. It has always offended the hell out of me — and then for this business that we are now past the threshold of inevitable change on the cusp of “climate destabilization.” I want to know when the climate has ever been destable, or destabilized or stable. The fact is it is unstable by definition. There have always been tornadoes. Predictable, but I’d say it’s unstable.

Actually, you know what I would say? I’d say none of it is unstable. I’d say, “It’s all what is.” It’s all natural. Hurricanes are natural. These things that destroy and provide destruction, things that provide beauty, it’s a part of the mix. It’s always been here, always going to be here. We didn’t cause it. We didn’t invent hurricanes. We don’t make ’em worse; we can’t stop ’em; we can’t redirect them. We can’t do diddlysquat because we are powerless, and we are not responsible for what they do — except if we do stupid things like build houses in their paths. We can’t talk to these idiots and say, “Hey, turn. Go up and destroy a trailer park.” They just go where they go. We are powerless. The “fact” that we are causing all this. You know how many ice ages there have been? You ever heard of Nanook of the North? He didn’t live in the Caribbean. I mean, the idea that all of this is happening for the first time, never before happened. You want to go back to the Middle Ages and you want to talk about pollution?
Go to the Soviet Union during their period of time when they ruled the Eastern Bloc and go look at all of the environmental destruction that was brought about by the lack of capitalism, the lack of productivity, the lack of progress, the lack of freedom — and you go to any industrialized country where there is freedom and prosperity and take a look at the living conditions and tell me where you’d rather be, and then tell me why in the hell these idiots are blaming the good guys for the problems. It’s because they’re anti-capitalist. It’s because they use the environmental movement as their platform for attacking freedom because they’re threatened by it because they’re elitists, and now all of a sudden… They just don’t stop. Here you’ve got this movie which is over the top, simply ridiculous, and some people think, “Well, okay, we better treat this a little bit more seriously.”
So the New York Times writes a story about all these forthcoming books that will — some of them are recycled — must not have been right the first time. Can I give you one example? The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich. Paul Ehrlich in the 1970’s, I remember. (Bet with Dr. Julian Simon)</a> I was in Pittsburgh in 1976 and I worked for one enlightened program director and this guy gave me the book and he said, “You better read this because we don’t have much time.” He bought every word of it! We were going to overpopulate; we were going to destroy ourselves. We are going to starve to death, and it was all going to be over, and it was going to happen by when? When? 1990 or 2000. Here we are in 2004. We have competed the world population that this book said was going to kill us all; this guy is still a credible source for the leftist wackos. This guy still, whenever he utters something, they bow down and go, “Oooooh, great oracle! Thank you for saving us and providing us today’s ammunition.”
Ted Danson. Of course! When I started this program in 1988, Ted Danson said if we don’t clean up the oceans the planet would be destroyed in ten years. That would be 1998. It is now 2004, I think six years beyond when Ted Danson said the oceans would cease being productive and usable and whatever else. The idea! Do you know how deep the Titanic is? It’s down there, folks, 10,000 feet. The idea that we can destroy the ocean. I mean, all the cruise ships in the world could dump all their sewage. You know how tough the ocean is? The ocean eats oil. It is just… The point with this is, again, there’s something that propels this aside from the ideology and the politics of it, and that is this unbelievable sense of vanity that we passing molecules, we amoebas in the great cosmos who are not destructive by nature. Well, well, well, destructive to ourselves and maybe but, I mean, we don’t. It’s not who we are. We’ve proven it.

The idea that we have all — and we, this generation of molecules passing through the cosmos. Oh, yeah, back in the Civil War. No, that was fine. They weren’t destroying anything back then, and in World War I and World War II, no, weren’t destroying anything. No, it’s now. It happens to coincide with Republican presidents, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s just gotten to the point here where it’s just flat out stupid and it is ridiculous, and as Mr. Foster writes here in his piece in the Financial Post in Canada, he says, “Put it this way. Which of the Times’s reports is more plausible: that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, or that we are on the brink of massive climate destabilization? Nor does Mr. Klinkenborg…” Who, normally, I’ve read Verlyn Klinkenborg. You know what he writes about? He’s a farmer. He writes about his barnyard.
He writes about the cows and what they’re doing as the moon comes up. By the way, full moon tomorrow night. Hubba hubba. [program observer interrupts] Well, no, by accident. I must tell you, I shouldn’t say this, but I’m going throughout web — I don’t read newspapers, I go through the Internet, and I used to. That’s how things have changed. I used to read the op-ed page of the New York Times. I don’t anymore because I know what’s going to be there. I know what’s going to be on the front page and I know my reaction to it is going to be, “Wow, what if that’s true?” You know, no different than the National Enquirer. So, as I said yesterday, but I’m going through there, and I see — I don’t know if I can admit this. I will admit. I will admit I was drawn to the name: Verlyn Klinkenborg.
I’ve always been a guy that’s been fascinated by people’s names. You’re not supposed to laugh at names but I’ve found names some of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, folks. I have to admit it. Verlyn Klinkenborg is a farmer. You normally think of farmers as Jakes and stuff like that. Verlyn Klinkenborg, and the stuff he writes about, you got me as to had you it ends up in the New York Times, but it’s there, and so now this guy is writing about the environment. (laughing) I’ve never seen a bio. I don’t know who the guy is. I’m assuming he’s a farmer just based on what he writes. The last thing I read from Verlyn Klinkenborg I think was in February, and it was about winter and what it meant for the animals and how he was excited about the steam coming off the coffee as he walked through the barnyard smelling the manure. It was typical New York Times stuff. You get in touch with yourself, be real sensitive and all that.
Anyway, this guy, Foster, says “[N]or does Mr. Klinkenborg express the slightest trace of skepticism toward the books he reviews even though they are penned by a group of UN time servers, cranks and professional alarmists,” and he goes on to describe environmental alarmism hysteria as “a fascinating psychological phenomenon that bears many traces of ancient myth and similarities to religious mania,” which I have said. The militant environmentalists. It is their religion it, has all those traits it. Also “has close ties with that most powerful and elusive of all political religions, socialism,” which I have also said. This is my day today. I got Howell Raines ripping me off, taking my criticism, or my description of John Kerry as Lurch and making it his own, now this guy basically taking what I said about the environmentalist movement being the new home of communism and saying, “Yep, socialism is the root of its religion.” Anyway, thank you for letting me vent, folks. Take a brief time-out. We’ll be back. You didn’t have much choice. It is my show. I know.

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