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Another headline, November 18th, 1945, from the New York Times: Loss of Victory in Germany Through U.S. Policy Feared. November 18th. They thought we were going to lose. Our occupation was going so bad, that we were going to lose the war! (Stories)
“Grave concern was expressed today by informed officials that the United States might soon lose the fruits of victory in Germany through the failure to prepare adequately for carrying out its long-term commitments under the Potsdam Declaration.”
Why, where have I heard this before? I think it goes something like this. [Doing John Kerry impression] “Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and thooose neocons, theeey didn’t plan effectively for the aftermath! Whhhy, this is an abject failure. Whhhy, we’re losing this war.” Or losing the peace, whatever the hell they say we’re losing. “They didn’t plan for the aftermath. They had no idea what was going to happen.” And look at this, 1945. This is almost 60 years ago, and it’s the exact same thing.
“Might soon lose the fruits of victory in Germany through the failure to prepare adequately for carrying out its long-term commitments under the Potsdam Declaration.”

Germans Declare Americans Hated, December 3rd, 1945. (Stories)
An exhaustive compilation of opinions of Germans in all walks of life on their reaction to the United States occupation of their country was released this afternoon from the confidential status under which it was submitted to officials of the United States Forces in the European Theatre recently. Bitter resentment and deep disappointment was voiced over the Americans’ first six months of occupation, though there was some praise for the improvements in transportation, health conditions, book publishing and entertainment.”

The New York Times then, the New York Times today. Sixty years ago. Virtually identical. And one more, December 19th, 1945. “German Election Set In Towns of U.S. Zone. (Stories) “United States Seventh Army headquarters announced today that plans had been completed for initial German elections in January at Gemuende. A statement said that a vast majority of Germans remained passive in attitude toward politics and displayed no disposition to take over civic responsibilities.”

Folks, just keep listening to this program. If you want to understand reality and truth and life and all these sorts of things. If you want to have an accurate portrayal of historical perspective, understand that what’s happening in Iraq is quite normal, and, in fact, probably ahead of schedule, compared to Germany or Japan. Way ahead of schedule. It’s good news. It’s reason to be optimistic. They still got the same naysayers today as you had then, but what we have today is what we had then. We have committed leadership. What is so funny? [Talking to program observer] I’m not being funny right now, what are you laughing at in there?

I’ll bet you we can find a German prison scandal. I betcha there were some scandals. I’ll betcha there were. You think this is the first time we’ve had prison scandals? I’ll betcha some people do. They try my patience in there. Here I am in the middle of being brilliant and they have to go off into jocularity, but I got the point out, folks, I was not distracted. I finished my point to you before I asked them what they were so rudely laughing at in there. We’ll be back in — I don’t mind that you’re laughing. I mean I love laughter. But now you got me — I’m going to find a German prison scandal. I know there had to be one. Be back here in just a second. Probably Reagan was involved in it.

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