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Look, when I did host that TV show of mine for four years, I did the warm-up. I went out and did the warm-up. I didn’t have to do the warm-up. You know why I did the warm-up? Take a guess, Brian. Why did I do the warm-up? All right, I’ll tell you why. He has no earthly clue. Because the show actually was nothing more than 22 minutes, and these are people that would travel from all over the country and 22 minutes just wasn’t enough for them. I tried sending (program observer) Snerdley out there a couple times to do the warm-up. Didn’t you do the warm-up a couple of times? You did. You did. No, the crowd loved it. I’m telling you the crowd loved it, I kept hearing — that crowd, 22 minutes of the program with commercials just wasn’t enough. I mean, it was a 30-minute show. So oftentimes my warm-up was 45 minutes. You know, I’d go out there and I’d just do a mini-Rush to Excellence, but this “warm-up.” I’ve never understood this business of warming up the crowd.
Well, no, I understand the concept of warming up the crowd, but in a case like this where you’ve got a presidential candidate showing up in Tampa — and they don’t show up in Tampa very often, you know? Presidential candidates don’t go anywhere very often, and to have to blame it on being ill-served by lack of a warm-up person to me is just a further attempt at trying to mask and excuse Kerry for his own lack of charisma, his own lack of excitement, his own inability to jazz a crowd just by virtue of his presence, which he cannot do, folks. I have said this time and time again.
From the same column, from the American Spectator: “Former president Bill Clinton will end up spending more time with his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, at the Democratic convention in Boston than he has perhaps in years. The couple are the hottest attraction for the convention in July.” Here’s a quote from a Fortune 500 firm holding an event at a trendy nightclub during the convention: “Frankly, if Senator Kerry or his wife want to stop by, that’s great, but we are making a point of pressing for President Clinton to attend. His presence — or word that he may be here — will make our event a success.”
(Laughing.) Do you not love this? Just the fact that Clinton might, just a rumor that Clinton might show up will be a bigger deal than if Kerry and Teresa show up. Have you heard about the New York delegation? Get this. This is hilarious. The night before the convention starts, every state hosts a reception and it’s up to the Boston organizing committee to find restaurants and places, nightclubs, this sort of thing for all of the state delegations to host their receptions and people just make the rounds of all these places. The New York delegation was given what is apparently a very nice and trendy place, but the name is something: the something-and-something Bathhouse, and the New York… It’s not a “bathhouse” in the San Francisco tradition of bathhouses, but the Democrats in New York are upset because they don’t like that word, that term, because that’s what it implies, is a, you know, bathhouse, congregating place for, um, homosexuals and gays and so forth. Apparently it’s a pretty nice beach club somewhere up there, but it’s named “bathhouse” so they put out an order to the organizing committee to move it to a different place, because they’re upset with the name. So it’s just going swimmingly well up there.
“Six weeks before the Democrats converge on Boston, it appears Kerry is already being overshadowed by Clinton, and the ex-president isn’t even trying yet. Besides being the star of the convention, Clinton will also be making some coin off of his convention appearances. The Democratic National Committee has purchased at cost more than 3,000 copies of (his book). Some of those books will be sold at a book-signing party and fundraiser to be held before Clinton makes his primetime convention speech on the first night of the nominating get-together in Beantown. In the three days following his speech, Clinton and his…wife are slated to appear at at least four major party functions, at which they, not the Kerrys, are the star attractions.” Let me tell you about this book business. I don’t know about this number of 3,000 books. Three thousand of Clinton’s books, that sounds like a low number. I don’t know what the number of delegates will be. You know, when I read this story what this sounds like to me? It sounds like — Hillary is going to have a book signing, too. Her book is a year old but they’re printing a whole bunch of new books for Hillary to takeup to this convention and Bill is taking his books up there.

They are going to rip off delegates at their own convention. They’re going to sell books and have all autograph signing parties up there during the convention and John Kerry is not going to get noticed. He’s going to have a tough, tough time getting noticed. Already is. They’re more excited that Clinton and Hillary are going to be there than Kerry and Teresa are. Do you remember that John Kerry line? I forget. It’s some cheesy line. It’s some absurdity. “Children…” What is it? Kerry said, “When Bill Clinton left office, not one American was dying in battle or in war.” Was that the line? Do you remember that? He tried to link himself to Clinton. [Kerry impression] “Wheeen Bill Clinton left office, not ooone American was dying in baaattle,” or some such thing, trying to illustrate that all these deaths have taken place solely because Bush is in the White House. Yeah, I just got to thinking, with Clinton’s book out and all this sort of stuff, we could come up with all kinds of answers to that kind of syrupy line.
You could say, “Children born when Bill Clinton was president are the most overweight children in our nation’s history.” You could use the current TIME magazine cover, which is “Why Are We Fat,” or something like that, as a peg — and, you know, all this news, I can’t believe. Clinton going on 60 Minutes to tout his book, treated it as a news story! It’s plastered all over the wires and everything. Why is it news that 60 Minutes is going to launch Bill Clinton’s book? 60 Minutes has become the Democrat Book of the Month Club the last six months, and… You know the name of his book? (Pauses) You know, I know what happened. He was going to call it “My Lie,” and that wasn’t going to fly, so they had to put an ‘F’ in there and make it “My Life,” but they should have left it out and “My Lie” would be a more accurate title. Deborah Orin reporting today in the New York Post, that, “after months of hyping the dream” that John McCain could be Kerry’s running mate, Kerry now has realized it isn’t going to happen, needs to prepare his allies for “a far less electrifying choice.” “Team Kerry itself launched the McCain retreat by spinning that President Bush’s troubles in Iraq make it easier to pick a safe, if unexciting, choice.”
These are words from the Kerry campaign! They actually said Bush’s troubles in Iraq, we don’t need McCain anymore, “make it easier to pick a safe, if unexciting choice” like Gephardt or Edwards. Those two names are now being floated by the Kerry campaign itself, instead of the, quote: “riskier McCain.” It is a flip-flop of major proportion, but the flip-flop actually isn’t a flip-flop because McCain was never, ever going to do this. Say what you want about McCain, he’s an honorable man, and he promised Bush that he wasn’t going to do this, and he’s not going to break his promise to Bush no matter what his personal problems with Bush are. But even though he was not going to break the promise, he did his best to give that little story some life of its own by denying it in such a way as to leave the door open in front of a panting, slavish media. But now the truth is out.
It isn’t going to be McCain; it was never going to be McCain. They weren’t even going to succeed in trying to get McCain to change his mind, so it’s the Kerry campaign now that’s floating the names Edwards and Gephardt, and about Edwards — according to Deborah Orin, here — the actual feelings that Kerry has for Edwards are not good, doesn’t like Edwards all that much. [program observer interruption] Yeah, he’s been stealing (Edwards’ lines). He’s been stealing everybody’s lines. Kerry’s been stealing everybody’s. He’s stealing McGovern’s lines; he’s <a target=new href=”http://www.spectator.org/dsp_article.asp?art_id=6621″>stealing JFK</a> the First’s lines; he’s stealing Howard Dean’s lines — and he’s blaming it on his speechwriters! You know, he gets away with it three or four speeches, and somebody says, “You know, we heard Howard Dean (say that.) [Kerry sing-song voice] “I’ll taaalk to my speeeechwriters about it. I didn’t write this, you knooow, I just say it. I don’t ooown those SUVs. The family does. I just ride in theeem.”

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