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The Antidote: Quote of the Day from Today’s Europe
These articles are just so informative and worth your time to read. But before you get upset, there’s an antidote to this. It’s the declaration by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy. As you know, the anti-Bush left of Europe has turned Rome into a veritable protesters’ war zone. In light of this LIFE piece telling you how much we were supposedly failing and hated in post-war Europe, note what Berlusconi said yesterday to these protestors:
“They must know the price the Americans paid to free our continent. Half a million killed in World War II. More than 7,000 killed on D-Day alone in Normandy; 25,000 killed to liberate Italy, some of them rest in peace in our country, buried in Anzio. I suggest you visit that cemetery and see the names of people unknown to you — John, Charlie, Robert, Ted — men aged 20 to 22 who gave up their life for our freedom”
In an e-mail to the <a target=new href=”/home/private.member.html”>super-secret Rush 24/7 address</a>, a lady urged us to heed Winston Churchill’s advice quoted in this LIFE article: “You must be prepared for further efforts of mind and body and further sacrifices to great causes, if you are not to fall back into the rut of inertia, the confusion of aim, and the craven fear of being great.” Does that not describe today’s left? The craven fear of being great, of being a superpower, because when you’re at the top, you’re a target.
There’s something historic going on — not just in Iraq or in the war on terror, but in the country today — and that is the abolition of the monopoly of what used to be the elite media. They don’t own it any more by controlling three networks, two magazines and a few newspapers. They peg the date of this change at 1988, when my program started. “If you knew then what you know now, Rush, would you still go through all of it?” Yes. I wouldn’t miss it.
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