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?Nancy Reagan is a brave woman. Those of you who had Alzheimer’s disease in your family know what it’s like to deal with, and she dealt with it. I’d like to offer condolences to the entire Reagan family.?
?Everyone knew this day was coming, but nevertheless, since Saturday afternoon at four o’clock Eastern time, I have felt like a part of me died as well. President Reagan?s death has affected me in ways I did not expect.?
?Reagan was right just as George W. Bush is today, and I really believe that if Reagan had been able he would have put his hand on Bush’s shoulder and said to him, ?Stay the course, George.? I really believe that.?
?The power of Ronald Reagan, his integrity, the truth of his presidency and his life cannot be rewritten, and it cannot be denied.?

?Whatever the Democrats today want to hope and dream for, whatever the Clintons today want to hope and dream for, the intern scandal is going to be the legacy of the Clinton administration and the Oval Office. It’s inescapable.?
?Reagan knew because of his unbridled love for the American people, coupled with our God-given freedom, our natural yearning to be free, that all he had to do was unleash that and it was ?Katie, bar the doors,? and he was right.?
?Those of you who weren’t around during the era of the Cold War and Soviet expansionism, it is imperative you understand what this man did and how he did it.?
?Ronald Reagan lives on in my heart, as he will live on in all of your hearts as well. I never met him, but it wasn’t necessary to have met him in order to love him, which I do. That’s as great a measure of greatness as I know. So God bless Ronald Reagan, and as he never failed to say, ?God bless America.??
?Those who choose to follow in his footsteps will experience the optimism and the good cheer and the love of country that he always had. There are many who will carry on in his tradition. I’m honored to be one of them. I wouldn’t be sitting here were it not for Ronald Reagan, and I never met him.?
?Lady Thatcher commanded me to never allow people to think that it was anyone other than Ronald Reagan, the spirit of America and its goodness and faith in God, that defeated the Soviet Union.?

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